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Pale Moon source code

This page is intended mainly for people interested in the code changes and people needing to audit the browser code for security purposes. As a regular user, you don't need the source code of the browser.

Downloading the source code

The source code of the current (main-line) release version:

Download current release version source code

If you are looking for older versions of the source code, check the source code archives on ftp: ftp://source:[email protected]/
The source code archive above is for the main-line x86/x64 release version of Pale Moon. If you are interested in other release branches, please check the git repository linked to below.

Warning: Please do not use download managers that try to open many concurrent connections and that do not understand refusal of the FTP server to allow more connections. Doing so will get your IP banned for abuse.

If you want to contribute: These source code archives are snapshots of the actual releases of Pale Moon, and since it is being actively developed, any patches you may want to contribute should usually not be made against these source code archives, but against the working development branch instead. This can be found in the live repository on GitHub at the following URL:

Hints for building Pale Moon yourself

If you want to build Pale Moon from source yourself, a few pointers:
  • You will need Visual Studio 2012. Even though it may possibly build with VS 2010, there will likely be some snags. It will not properly build versions of Visual Studio older than VS2010.
    Whether it builds on VS 2013 is unknown, but will likely not work without editing the source because of some breaking changes in that version of Visual Studio's C++ compiler.
  • You will need to get the build prerequisites as outlined on the Mozilla Developer Network. Most notably, you need the Mozilla Build Tools package and DirectX SDK if building on Windows.
  • Pale Moon should not be built with PGO (Profile-Guided Optimization). Doing so will likely not build or at the very least result in an unstable browser.
  • Pale Moon has been primarily designed for Windows and the necessary theme changes were made to the Windows theme only. If you want to build for other platforms (e.g. Mac) then be aware that the browser will look different and may need some serious tweaking to be usable or look similar to the Windows version. Linux builds benefit from the work done by access2godzilla on the PM4Linux project and the theme should work/look properly.

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