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Contributed builds of Pale Moon

The following list is a list of endorsed third party builds of Pale Moon. If the browser is not in this list, it is not an authorized redistribution/build. Please note that these third-party builds may lag behind the main-line releases of Pale Moon.

Alternate operating systems/configurations:
  • PM4Linux: Pale Moon builds for Linux by access2godzilla/cyansmoker and the rest of the PM4Linux team.
    For support, you can use the dedicated Linux board on the forum.
  • Pale Moon "Sumozi" by Matt A. Tobin. (discontinued)
    A rebuild of Pale Moon from official source re-enabling features disabled by default.
  • Pale Moon for Windows XP by Matt A. Tobin.
    A rebuild of Pale Moon from official source specifically for Windows XP users.
Processor-specific rebuilds:
  • AVX build (x86/x64) by Accel.
    Note: this requires an AVX-capable CPU (latest generations Intel or AMD)
  • SSE build (x86) by Roman Štefko
    A rebuild of Pale Moon from official source catering to particularly old processors that don't support SSE2.

To be listed here, you have to contact me and get permission. It is the only way to be authorized to redistribute a modified binary version of Pale Moon with the official name and logo in any way, shape or form. Binaries are subject to the proprietary Pale Moon redistribution license. Please read this license thoroughly if you want to redistribute Pale Moon in any way.
You will have to supply me with a copy of the browser as-intended for distribution for me to check.

Contributed builds must:

  • Only include neutral content, i.e. not be loaded with vendor/advertiser specific extensions
  • Not contain malware of any kind!
  • Not be altered significantly after approval has been given without sending it in again for a re-check.
Want to add your build as an endorsed one? Contact me!

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