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Archived versions

This page provides access to archived versions of Pale Moon. These are older versions of the browser that are no longer supported, but listed here in case you want or need to use an older version. Please be aware that these versions may have (serious) bugs that have been fixed in later versions.

Please only grab the version you personally need and do not hotlink.

FTP download

You can download archived versions of the browser by pointing your browser or FTP client to ftp://archive:[email protected]/

Please note: the FTP server does not accept anonymous FTP logins. You need to use a browser that properly supports RFC1738, point 3.1, to pass the login credentials as listed in the link above.
Alternatively, make sure to log in manually with "archive" as username and "get" as password (without the quotes).

IMPORTANT: Please don't use multi-segment download managers. Use a browser or single-connection download manager to download files from the FTP server since connections per IP are limited and will fail when trying to "maximize bandwidth" (= stealing bandwidth from other users). If you use a multi-segment download manager you may be permanently banned for abuse.

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