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Redistributing Pale Moon

Even though Pale Moon is open source and the source is supplied under the Mozilla Public License, redistribution of the Pale Moon binaries is limited by certain conditions under a proprietary license by Moonchild Productions, as permitted under 3.2b of the MPL v2.0. This has been required because of, among other things, the increasing number of rogue/altered copies and people taking advantage of the free availability of the browser to monetize upon, which is against Pale Moon's principles of free software.

Redistribution license

Last updated: 26 November 2014

If you wish to redistribute the binaries (executable form of the code) of Pale Moon, you are free to do so, with the following limitations:
  1. There is NO CHARGE for the download or distribution of the browser package.
    It is therefore not permitted if, without limitation:
    1. You charge for the download of the binary packages (e.g. paid hosting service, pay-per-download, subscription, etc.) or access to them (password protected sites/archives/etc.)
    2. You charge for redistribution rights of the browser binaries, yourself (you have no rights to it)
    3. You charge for a physical medium like a CD or DVD. If you provide a "cover disk" with a printed magazine, that is considered a "no charge" item (free bonus item with the magazine) and is therefore allowed. If you provide a disk-based magazine (digital) that includes Pale Moon, the medium itself is paid for and considered a "charge" item, and is therefore not allowed.
  2. You don't require the obligatory submission of personal data (name, e-mail, telephone number, address, age, gender, ID, or similar) to download the binaries. If you require registration of users before they can download Pale Moon, you are not allowed to distribute it. Users must, at all times, have the clear and equal option to download Pale Moon without surrendering any personal information to you.
  3. The binaries and/or archives are completely UNALTERED. This includes addition or removal of any component of the browser. Redistribution is therefore not permitted if, without limitation:
    1. You have re-packed the browser in a different archive format (either common or proprietary)
      (an exception to this is re-packaging required for specific target operating systems, e.g. rpm, deb, pet)
    2. You have added language packs/add-ons/plugins/etc.
    3. You have added third-party tools/toolbars/utilities/etc.
    4. You have changed supplied default preferences of the browser
    5. You include a pre-set profile
    6. You have removed any component from the browser package
    7. You have edited or removed text or script files (including license files, readmes, JavaScript modules, etc.)
    8. The binaries have been in any way infected with or include a virus, trojan, or other malware
    9. The binaries and program structure have been in any way obscured (e.g. by using application virtualization) making it difficult or impossible to check for the previously listed alterations
  4. The binaries can be obtained without the use of third party software not officially endorsed, including but not limited to: download managers,stub installers, wrappers, proprietary clients or proprietary protocols. This includes any offering of such unendorsed downloading software or methods, regardless of offering "direct" downloads or allowed methods alongside the unendorsed ones.
  5. The binaries are not supplied as an integral part of a commercial/non-commercial software package/larger works ("package"). If you wish to do this, you must contact me beforehand to obtain permission and discuss terms. Inclusion in a package will be subject to an individual agreement (either extemporaneous or legalized) which may or may not involve compensation.
  6. The binaries are not supplied as an integral part of a commercial/non-commercial website/web service/on-line venue/etc. ("service"). If you wish to do this, you must contact me beforehand to obtain permission and discuss terms. Inclusion in a service will be subject to an individual agreement (either extemporaneous or legalized) which may or may not involve compensation.
  7. An exception applies to points 5 and 6 of this license for educational purposes if bundled with other open source software or supplied as part of a curriculum or in-college resource for students.
  8. An exception applies to point 5 of this license for inclusion of the officially branded binaries in freely available and fully Open Source operating systems, including but not limited to non-commercial variants of Linux, variants of BSD and ReactOS. This exception only applies to unaltered versions of the Pale Moon binaries or officially branded variants specifically built for the target operating system from unaltered sources (including brand-specific configurations like e.g. home page, default search engine). If any of the essential settings of the browser are altered beyond what is strictly needed for providing a working build on the target operating system, the exception in this point does not apply and the license defaults to point 10, instead.
  9. This redistribution agreement and any Individual Agreements for the redistribution of executable code are provided by Moonchild Productions ("Moonchild", "M.C. Straver") explicitly for the Pale Moon executable code, and not by the Initial Developer or any Contributor. The Initial Developer and every Contributor is hereby indemnified for any liability incurred by the Initial Developer or such Contributor as a result of these terms.
  10. The only exception to this redistribution policy not otherwise covered in points 7 or 8 is if the repackaged or private build with official branding has been pre-approved by Moonchild for redistribution and is listed on this website as a contributed build. Contributed builds are subject to a screening process, may be accepted or rejected, may be re-screened at a later time, and may be at any time removed, in Moonchild's sole discretion, either with or without stated reason.
  11. If a distribution is authorized as per point 10, the contributed build may be redistributed in unaltered form by third parties as set out in the points above and under the same conditions.
  12. If you wish to distribute binaries for other platforms built on the Pale Moon source code, you may not use official branding unless these builds have also been approved as a contributed build as per point 10 of this license or if they are exempt under points 7 or 8 of this license. Even so, you obtain no rights to the Pale Moon name or logo, merely the permission to use it for the 3rd party build and only for as long as it is officially endorsed or satisfies the conditions for exemption. In all other cases you must use significantly different branding files/graphics and a significantly different name for the browser.
  13. Unofficial branding ("New Moon") as supplied in the source code may be used for unendorsed binaries at all times. Thusly branded binaries with the New Moon logo and product name are not subject to the endorsement and exception rules as set out in previous points of this license and may be freely distributed subject to the Mozilla Public License as regards source code changes and availability. This permission does, however, not include any rights or license to the Pale Moon name and logo that may still be present in the resulting unofficially branded binaries.

This license may be updated without notice, so please make sure to check back on occasion if you redistribute the browser. That being said, there is no intention of making changes to the core of this license and the main premise of free availability behind it.

If you have any questions about this redistribution policy, think anything is in error or wish to discuss individual redistribution terms for your specific scenario, then please contact me.

Authorized inclusions

Pale Moon may be authorized for inclusion in commercial or non-commercial software packages in its executable form following an individual agreement (as explained in the redistribution license above). For reference, always contact me if it is not clear if inclusion of the Pale Moon browser is authorized, especially when it comes to commercial software. There are some individual agreements with software vendors, which may not be public, listed, or announced, so if there is any doubt, get in touch with me. This will tackle two problems at once:
  1. If an inclusion is authorized, it potentially prevents incorrect bad press for the company, which should never be anyone's intention. So before making public posts about a suspected breach of the above license, always contact me to verify!
  2. If an inclusion is not authorized, contacting me will alert me to the issue at hand (I don't have the time to scour the Internet for this kind of thing) so people can be called to order if needed.

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