Pale Moon Donations and Support

If you enjoy this free browser enough to want to give something in return, there are several ways you can support development of Pale Moon. If you want your donation to remain anonymous, please make sure to let me know
  1. Monetary donations
  2. Donating hardware
  3. Donating services
  4. Corporate sponsorship
  5. Thank you!

Monetary donations

You can donate money by using one of the following methods:

Donating development hardware

If you wish to donate (surplus) hardware to help development of Pale Moon, you should contact me by e-mail at moonchild [at] to discuss if what you wish to donate will be useful for me (saves unnecessary shipping expenses and saves stuff taking up my floor space ;) ).

Donating services

If you want to supply services to help Pale Moon development, there are a few possible areas you may be able to help. Please contact me to discuss this.

Potential service areas:
  • Evangelism! Spread the word, launch an ad campaign, tell your friends, hand out flyers, etc.
  • Any other service you think may be of benefit to Pale Moon development

Corporate sponsorship

If you are an established company and wish to become a corporate sponsor of the Pale Moon project, then that is also an option. Please note that this kind of sponsorship involves a significant contribution in terms of resources or financial support. If you are simply looking for a prominent placement of your logo to improve your back-links or SEO then kindly please move right along. This is not purchasable advertisement space, and your sponsorship support is expected to be significantly greater than the average advertising costs involved for custom ads. Currently, corporate sponsorship packages have a minimum of $100/month threshold; Open Source sponsors can get an OSS package with a lower minimum of $50/month. Please consider regular and/or recurring donations for support amounts smaller than that using the services above.

Corporate sponsorship will give your company a prominent mention on the project home page for as long as the endorsement lasts, with a display of your logo and link back to your company's site.

To be eligible for a sponsorship position:
  • Your company must be an established company, not an individual. We currently don't accept personal home pages or individual sponsorship - please use other forms of donation if you wish to help out as an individual.
  • Your company must have clear (and preferably public) support of Open Source software and support the principles behind it to be eligible for the OSS package.
  • You must be a direct representative of the company. We can't accept third-party endorsements for a number of legal and practical reasons.
  • Sponsorship must be of an on-going nature. Although we don't expect indefinite support, we do expect you to dedicate at least a year of endorsement to our project. As such, you are expected to make annual pre-paid contributions for your sponsorship of the project.
  • You should have a logo available for us to use of sufficient clarity. Transparent backgrounds surrounding logos are greatly preferred.
Please contact business-inquiries [at] palemoon [dot] org if you wish to apply to become our sponsor.

Thank you

I would like to express my thanks to all the people who, over the years, have supported our project in one way or another.

Without your help, support and contributions, Pale Moon would not have been possible!

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