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The Pale Moon project is a community-driven project owned and led by Mr. M.C. Straver BASc, using contributed Open Source code to create a full-featured, optimized browser forked from the code behind the popular Firefox browser (Mozilla).

Notable other development/maintenance contributors to the project are:
  • G. Brown (access2godzilla), C. Ravenscroft and T. Wine for kicking off and maintaining the Linux builds & installer.
  • M. Turnbull (Sparky Bluefang) for supplying the base code for the V4+ status bar.
  • K. Engert for supplying the base code for the padlock feature.
  • Kailapis for supplying the base code for ruby annotations (v26).
  • M. Tobin for additional research into the Mozilla code and general support in a number of different areas of development, as well as being instrumental in the 2016 and 2018 platform updates.
  • R. Crellin for adapting and maintaining many of the complete themes for Pale Moon.
  • R. Pelizzi for laying the groundwork and working with us to get the active XSS filter implemented (v26).
  • T. Wine for his extensive work on improving media playback and providing mainline Linux binaries.
  • S. Pusser for maintaining various Linux distributions.
Pale Moon aims to provide a browser with a large degree of freedom in how people want to browse the web, which tools or extensions they wish to use, and which feedback they want to see ("Your browser, Your way"™); efficiency, after all, should not stop at the engine of a browser, but extend to all parts of it, including the user interface by sticking to standard user interface conventions and ergonomics, as well as proper visual integration with the operating system.

Users will find a tried-and-tested user interface in the Pale Moon browser, which, although very close to older versions of Firefox in the way it looks and operates at first glance, is a different and modern, actively-maintained product. Pale Moon will always aim to keep a very high degree of available user-customization and extensibility, since that has always been the main strength of Firefox in the past, and to keep a consistent and logical look and feel to the browser overall. Extension compatibility with extensions specifically written for Firefox prior to Australis can not be guaranteed since Pale Moon is not Firefox. Pale Moon has a growing number of extensions and themes created and maintained specifically for it, which can be found on the Pale Moon add-ons website.

Pale Moon is a middle road, cutting away support for particularly old hardware and operating systems to achieve a significant speed and efficiency increase, but not trying to squeeze the last few percent more out of it by limiting the range of systems it will run on even more. Pale Moon aims to deliver above all a stable and smooth browsing experience, and does not intend to or aim for high scoring in synthetic tests, as those are invariably not a good representation of typical use of a web browser in the real world.

Pale Moon will be released independently, as it uses a different source code and release plan, different versioning scheme, and is not affiliated with or subject to either code releases or publication plans of Mozilla. Pale Moon is an independently developed product derived from Mozilla/Firefox code, but will most certainly not be in any way bound to developments seen in the Mozilla corner.


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