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About the brand and copyright

The Pale Moon branding, logo, and project/product names are the Intellectual Property of M.C. Straver, the owner and lead developer of the project. Pale Moon and the phrase "Your browser, Your way" are Trademarks ™ for the web browser and the usage rights of the name and logo are reserved by the owner.
All graphics related to it are author-rights protected, meaning as a general rule you are not allowed to use it without permission. However, to allow people to promote the browser and brand, these ownership rights are usually not enforced when used to refer to the Pale Moon browser on other sites and locations.

This means that for clarity, this page attempts to explain where the line is drawn, insofar as common sense would not already dictate.

DOs and DON'Ts

Perhaps the simplest way to set the general usage guidelines for the branding and logo is by listing a few things you can do and a few things you cannot do. These are examples and by no means definitive or all-inclusive. If you have any doubts about the use of the logo or branding/name in a certain context, please do get in touch to discuss potential usage before it is published, thanks.

DOs: You are allowed to:
  • Use the Pale Moon name and logo on your own website if it refers directly to the browser. This includes use on software portals, etc.
  • Use the Pale Moon name and logo to promote the browser on your own web properties, as long as you:
    - Make clear you are not an official agent of Pale Moon, and
    - Only promote Pale Moon when following the guidelines below, or
    - Discuss the promotion with me and are given permission to promote in a different way.
  • Redistribute the officially-branded browser as long as you adhere to the redistribution license.
  • Redistribute your own build of the browser that does not carry the official name and logo.
DON'Ts: You are not allowed to:
  • Use the Pale Moon name or logo on your own website when it does not directly refer to the browser or the project.
  • Claim the Pale Moon name, house style or logo for your own project(s) or use it for your own purposes.
  • Use the trademarked slogan/catch-phrase "Your browser, Your way" for competitive products. It is a defining statement for our browser and as long as it is actively used in accordance with common trademark practice, you should not use it for your own project or product, even if such a product would be derived from Pale Moon source code.
  • Change the style or colors of the logo or wordmark, or make derivative works.
  • Overlay the logo with other words, icons or logos, including but not limited to site names or URLs, watermarks, copyright statements or third-party logos.
  • Use the Pale Moon name, logo, or web presence for direct commercial purposes (e.g. don't try to sell Pale Moon branded merchandise).
  • Build and distribute an officially-branded version of Pale Moon that has not been approved as such as a third-party build or specifically exempt from approval.

Promotional use of the Pale Moon name and/or logo

As outlined above, you are allowed to use the Pale Moon™ brand name and/or logo for promotional purposes for the browser.

Guidelines for use:
  • Preferred use of the logo is as a whole (round) logo, with optionally the wordmark ("Pale Moon"), width-matched, immediately below it.
  • The logo should be displayed in its full color depth and original colors.
  • The wordmark should be displayed in the chosen font (Museo 500) and in the preferred color (#0B3775) although small variations are permitted to cater to your page design. Museo 500 is a freely available web font (no-cost license).
  • The name is "Pale Moon", not "Palemoon", "PaleMoon", "Pale-moon", "pale moon" or "palemoon". Please use the proper, 2-word, capitalized form.
  • Using custom promotional slogans or catch phrases in relation to the browser without clearing those with the owner first is not allowed, to prevent potentially undesired impressions to the public or conflicts with other products. If you wish to use a custom slogan/catch phrase in relation to the browser, that has not been officially published before, then please get in touch with the owner before publication to discuss.
  • In general, it is not customary or required to include the Trademark ™ symbol when mentioning Pale Moon. For official documents or prominent referencing it is, however, strongly encouraged.
Promotional media and examples:

Pale Moon logo:


Pale Moon logo with wordmark:

Logo with wordmark
Pale Moon wordmark only:


ZIP archive with various logo image formats, wordmark SVG and Pale Moon document image:

Please download by clicking here.

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