Pale Moon Donations and Support

If you enjoy this free browser enough to want to give something in return, there are several ways you can support development of Pale Moon. If you want your donation to remain anonymous, please make sure to let me know
  1. Monetary donations
  2. Donating hardware
  3. Donating services
  4. Corporate sponsorship
  5. Thank you!

Monetary donations

You can transfer money by using one of the following methods:
  • Paypal - this is a well-known US-based electronic money provider. You can use the donation button on the Pale Moon home page to make a donation through PayPal.
  • Bank (wire) transfer
    For people living in the EU, this is an option as well (sorry, I don't accept wire transfers from outside the EU zone due to fees) as long as your bank offers SEPA transfers. Contact me to get the bank details.
  • Bitcoin: You can donate any amount you wish to Moonchild Productions' wallet:
    Please note that Bitcoin is anonymous by nature and you will not be listed by name on this page.
  • Other cryptocurrencies are no longer directly accepted at this time. It is too cumbersome to deal with the many different types of cryptocurrencies for one-time donations that are likely never going to see more occurrences in the same coin, as well as the unreliable nature of cryptocurrency exchanges. You can, however, use the "altcoin" button on the home page to have alternative cryptocurrency automatically converted and donated.
  • Sending cash (bills only please, no coins)
    If you prefer, you can also send a donation in the form of cash (any currency accepted, but Swedish Crowns preferred. Sending money in an envelope is always at your own risk; please make sure to not make it obvious as it may get stolen by postal workers in that case.
    Send to:
    M.C. Straver
    Skrivaregatan 2
    58649 Linköping

Donating development hardware

If you wish to donate (surplus) hardware to help development of Pale Moon, you should contact me by e-mail at moonchild [at] to discuss if what you wish to donate will be useful for me (saves unnecessary shipping expenses and saves stuff taking up my floor space ;) ).

Donating services

If you want to supply services to help Pale Moon development, there are a few possible areas you may be able to help. Please contact me to discuss this.

Potential service areas:
  • Advertising! Spread the word, launch an ad campaign, tell your friends, hand out flyers, etc.
  • File mirrors (burst capable, direct-link capable, zero-ads) (any location except DE)
  • Any other service you think may be of benefit to Pale Moon development

Corporate sponsorship

If you are an established company and wish to become a corporate sponsor of the Pale Moon project, then that is also an option. Please note that this kind of sponsorship involves a significant contribution in terms of resources or financial support. If you are simply looking for a prominent placement of your logo to improve your back-links or SEO then kindly please move right along. This is not purchasable advertisement space, and your sponsorship support is expected to be significantly greater than the average advertising costs involved for custom ads. Currently, corporate sponsorship packages have a minimum of $50/month threshold, with a normal expected amount of twice that. Please consider regular and/or recurring donations for support amounts smaller than that which will still have your support listed on this page.

Corporate sponsorship will give your company a prominent mention on the project home page for as long as the endorsement lasts, with a display of your logo and link back to your company's site.

To be eligible for a sponsorship position:
  • Your company must be an established company, not an individual. We currently don't accept personal home pages or individual sponsorship - please use other forms of donation if you wish to help out as an individual.
  • Your company must have clear (and preferably public) support of Open Source software and support the principles behind it.
  • You must be a direct representative of the company. We can't accept third-party endorsements for a number of legal and practical reasons.
  • Sponsorship must be of an on-going nature. Although we don't expect indefinite support, we do expect you to dedicate at least a year of endorsement to our project.
  • You should have a logo available for us to use of sufficient clarity. Transparent backgrounds surrounding logos are greatly preferred.
Please contact business-inquiries [at] palemoon [dot] org if you wish to apply to become our sponsor.

Thank you

I would like to express my thanks to the following people for their support, in no particular order. Without your help, support and contributions, Pale Moon would not have been possible!

Testing and moral support:
Cole Hughes, Colin Moran, Gerardo Rubio, Daryl Sprint, Jason Sullivan, and the beta testers on the forum.

Special thanks to the following people for chipping in for required development tools:
Jason Sullivan, Bruno Langelaan, Anthony Grobe, Maximilian Magana, Travis Anderson, Michael Wakunda, Jose Arellano, Roger Taylor, David Wales, Aurimas Grigas, Ezio Aditore, John McNamara, Rógvi D. Clementsen, Temple Martin, David Khoo, Floyd Drennon, Ryan Clemens, Stephen May, Robert McLean, Michael Larsen, Will Rolison, Tracy Romine, Timothy Lamb, Alain McKinnon, Kentaro Uematsu, Marc Finerty, Damjan Gerl, Chris Chokan, Jeff Lee, Greg Stone, Ton Sonneveldt, Mark Ewald, Rick Lund, 春名 五月, Don Hay, Mirko Breßler and some people who prefer to remain anonymous.

Special thanks to the following translators for their efforts in localizing Pale Moon:
O. Roth (ReinekeFux), Archaeopteryx, Endor, KNTRO, Gerardo Rubio "Lobocursor" Perez, José I. Plaza, Carlos Mella, Jarpo, Jojaba, Yodli, Morinaga, Bovirus, Hikaru Murai, RohithNS, Lee Kangsan, Nui Parishi, Дмитрий Черкасов, Mikael Hiort af Ornäs, Wang H.K., Phil Chan, Leo Lee, Kamil Drozdek, Rogério Queiroga.

Donations (monetary or otherwise) and other support:
Jeffrey Abbishaw, Clarence Abbott, Larry Abbott, Michael Abbott, Martin Achermann, Dan Acree, Jeffrey Adamo, Goran Adevik, Marc Adnin, Lutz Afflerbach, Leopold Akpabio, Ersin Aksan, Marco Aldegheri, Russell Alexander, Chakhnovski Alexandre, Abdulrahman Aljefri, Ibrahim Allaf, John F. Allen, David Allewell, Salem Almuhairi, Omar Alomair, Arturo Altreche, Roger Alwang, Dimitri Alymow, John Amaro, Daniel Ames, Mitch Ames, Chris Amley, Marian Anca, Gary Andersen, Bruce Anderson, Björn Andersson, Ulf Andersson, Robert Andras, Michael Andrews, Thomas Anger, Peter Ansdell, Christophe Antoine, Dana Arnason, Harald Arnesen, Thomas Arnold, Eric Arnol-Martin, Gerard Arthus, Artwolf, Adrian Asencio, Bill Ash, Jeannie Ash, Gregory Atkins, Edouard Aubin, Marc Audier, Michael Augustson, Andres Aule, Autoimmunity Research Inc., Prasith Kim Aun, Herman Ausprung, Arvid Axelsson, Francisco J.S. Azofeifa, Benjamin Backus, Eugene Baena, Kim Bagarnäs, Bruce Balfour, John A. Ballou, Pranay Bansod, Ali Baqani, Charles Barnes, Frederick Barnett, Joel Barnett, Donna Barr, Russell Barron, Carl Barry, Mark Barton, Bálint Bartuszek, James Bass, William Batdorf, Steve Bates, Maurice Baxter, David Baynard, Donald Bayne, Tim Bazuin, Heather Bean, Larry Beattie, Philip Beattie, Susan Beaty, Audrey Beck, Vojtech Behuncik, Luc Bell, Randa Bell, Alfredo Heredero Bellot, Steven Belmont, Charles Bennett, Glenn Bennett, Mike Bennett, Kathy Benson, Bernd Berger, John Berger, Kris Bernardic, William Berry, Federico Bertolini, Daniel Beschorner, Amanda Betancourt, Mark Betz, Peter Biggs, Keith Billmore, Leigh Binion, Alan Bischof, Julie Bishop, BitVapor, Robert Bjorkland, Ragnar L. Björnsson, Drummond Blakely, Bas Bleijendaal, Brandon Block, David Blumenthal, Johannes den Boer, Martin Bohm, Michael Bohmbach, Colin Booth, Al Borowski, Filippo Bottega, Shari E. Botzet, Sylvian Bourcier, Nelson Bowers, Paul P. Boyd, Andrew Bozinoplouos, Robert Bradford, Licinio Branco, Brian K. Brands, Ianp (braveheart_leo), Donald Breed, Barry Brennan, Heather Brett, Adriaan van Breugel, Ernst Brewer, Jonathan Bright, Anne Brodie, James Bromley, Casey Brooks, Alstone Brown, Carol Brown, David Brown, James Brown, Kevin Brown, Lee Brown, Mark Brown, S.K. Brown, Kay Bryant, Sergey Bryksin, Bucherstub, G.C. Buck, Ray Bucklin, Margaret M. Buechele, John Bufka, Luca Burelli, Paul Burford, Lynford Burley, Keith Burnell, John Burrows, Rudolph Busho, Steven Bussinger, John Byrd, Cable & Wireless Technologies Inc., Eric Cabrera, Paul Cairns, Remi Callerisa, Ian Campbell, James Camper, Robert Cantalupo, Bernard Carbajal, Michael Carey, Norman Carey, Aaron Carlisle, Paul Carlson, Frank Carlton, Michael Carpenter, Dan Carr, Carlos Carreira, Damian Carroll, John Carroll, Michael Carroll, Howard E. Cartee, Terry S. Cartier, Roger Gómez del Casal, David Casey, Gilbert Casey, Aaron Casselle, Victor Castellano, Michael Castro, Dimitri Casu, Leo Cavanaugh, Cephissus LLC, Susan Chamberlin, John Champion, Peter Chapa, Arthur Chapin, Fred Chapman, Walter Chatelain, Yuri Chekanov, Shawn Cherney, Konstantin Chertkov, Sreenivas Cherukuri, Sze Young Chong, Peter Chow, Finn E. Christiansen, Amanda V.M. Christie, Richard Christnot, Claudia Chuba, Lodewijk J. Claessen, Abe Clark, Jason Clark, Larry Clark, Robert Clark, Marcos Coelho, John-Paul Coetzee, Jennifer Cohen, Charles Cole, Edward Collet, S.G. Collins, Piernicola Comuniello, David Q. Conejero, Ryan Connon, Joseph Consalvi, Michael Coogan, D.M. Cope, William Copenhaven, Robert Corfield, Frank Cornett, Denis Cosandey, Charles Coton, Peter Coulson, Maximilian Coutuer, Steve Cramer, Ben Crawford, Gary Cress, Michael Crocker, James Cross, Crossroads Computer Consulting, Gérald Croteau, Gérald J. Croteau, Dave Crowder, Nicholas Cultrara, Michael Cummins, Philippe Curtil, Stephan Daily, Yannick Dalissier, Aric Dallas, Stephen Daly, Mats Danielsen, S. Bruce Danyluk, Ketmar Dark, Julien Darthenay, Brian Davies, John Davie-Thornhill, Adrian Davis, John Dawkins, George Daws, Lewis Dawson, Andrew day, Paul Deeds, Sunpob Deeprasertwit, Craig DeHaan, Ronald Dehart, Lyke Dekens, Dayle DeLancey, David Delmar, Pierre Deloince, Christopher Delorit, De Marco LLC, Doris DeNudt, Paul Derksen, Gion Deplazes, Christopher Dexholm, DHL eBooks (UK), Harry Dickson, John Dietl, Philip DiGiorgi, Ivan Dimitrov, Daniel Dirr, Peter DiVergilio, Potvorov Dmitriy, Batıkan Doğan, William Dobbs, Mary Ann Dolce, Doommantia, Ferdinand J. van Dop, Stephen D'Orazio, Harald Dost, Paul Douglas, Donna Dover, Mark Dozbaba, Stefan Döllinger, William Driver, Bernard Drozd, Alexander Drozdov, DucknMoose, Benjamin Dudley, John Dulak, Susan Duncan, Andy Dunkel, Eric Duporge, Victor P. Dura, Petr Dusek, Duncan Duvall, Aliaksandr Dzeshchanka, Paul Eaton, Ecosia GmbH, Rudi Eddy, Christopher Edmondson, EDSI, Kurt Edwards, Josh Ehli, Henry Eisenson, Rogelio J. Elizondo, Haakon Ellefsen, Rayna Ellis, Mirko von Elstermann, Ralph Engelen, Andre Engels, Ernies's Machinery Inc., Dallas Eschenauer, Francisco Espanol, Gordienko Evgeny, Rudolf Eyberg, John Farnham, Adam Fathauer, Janice L. Ferdinand, Brent Fergusson, Rufo Moreno Fernandez, Fiber Mosaics Inc., Rodney Fiddaman, Chris Finlayson, John Finlayson, Addison Fischer, Mike Fjellanger, Stephen Flaig, Donald Flanders, Lew Fleming, Gregory Flewelling, Michael Flippo, Lucian Florea, Omar U.R. Flores, Braden Flowers, Lewis Footring, Stephen Forbush, Manuel la Fosse, FOSShub, H.F. Foster, Robert Foster, Maurice Foulon, The Lighthouse Foundation, Warren Fountain, Jean Fourquet, Hagan Fox, Pascal François, Stephen Franklin, Andrew Fraser, Michael Frazier, Richard Freas, James Freeman, Norbert Freudenberg, Robert Fricks, Matthew Friede, Bernhard Frilling, Mike Froehlich, Simone Frotten, Milan Fulin, Bart Furey, Gerald Gagnon, Paul Gagnon, Glenn Gardner, Minasian Garik, The Phoenix Gate, Thomas Gaukel, Daniel Gauthier, GR Advice gcv, Philip Geneste, Jay Geraldi, John Germanier, Mario Giammona, Randi Gifford, David Gilbert, Thomas Gilleran, Trevor Gillett, Robin Gilliver, Hun Gim, Dick Girard, Paul Glaser, Bernard Glass, Wanda Glass, Gliktch, A.P. Godwin, Vartkes Goetcherian, Norman Goodis, Framton Goodman, Gordon Goody, Andrew Gordon, Robert Goring, Bruce Gowans, Duke Grable, Dean Graham, Ludwig Grann, Duncan Grant, Richard Grant, Amanda Greenhoe, Leon Grekin, Wade Griffin, Jones Griffith, Gordon Griswold, Maurizio Grossi, Van Grube, Armin Gruber, Everett Guerney, Gioia Guerrieri, Marco Guglieri, Isabel Guinder, Greg Guthrie, David Guyon, Jan Hříbal, Georg Hagen, Laura Haglund, William Hahn, Florian Hammerbacher, Eric Hancock, John Hancock, Herbert Hansen, Tess Haper, Wm Alan Harben, David Hari, George Harnett, Gary Harper, Alfred Harral, Wendy Harris, Tom Hartke, Arie Hartland, Richard Hartzell, Daniel Hartzler, Robert Harvan, Lisa Hatt, Michael Haubert, Don Hay, Laurita Hayes, Hayes Anderson Ltd., Patricia Hays, Earl Hayter, Nico Hänschen, Louise M. Head, Maurice Head, Alida Hebenstreit, Anthony Hedge, Alfred Heer, Zachary T. Heise, Stefan Helfrich, Milo Henderson, Theresa Hensler, Garry Herbert, Ivan Heredy, Sven Herhold, Adalberto Hernandez, Walter Hicks, Mary E.V. Hill, John Hill, John Hinds, Sharon Hioki, Holly L. Hirzel, Nigel Hislop, Histosoft Corporation, HL7 Systems & Services, Raymond Hoang, Kevin Hobbs, Roy Hobbs, Tobias Hoerburger, Carl Hoffman, Matt Hoffman, Frank Hoffmeister, René Hollenweger, Grant Holman, Peter Holmes, Thomas Holmes, Chris Horace (and son), Carl Horrocks, John Horsfield, Thomas Horyczun, Michael Hoss, David's House, Graden decore house, Renaissance House, Edward Howdershelt, John Hubbard, Colin Hudler, Sandra Hudson, Bradley Huff, Al Hughes, David P. Hughes, John Huisman, Kenneth Hultman, C.P. Humphries, Jerry Hung, Michael Hunter, Norman Hunter, Michael Hussinger, Shawn Hyder, Gabunia Ilya, Rolf Imobersteg, Michael Ingram, Nikos Ioannidis, Foxy Sun IP, Basil Irwin, Ty Ishibashi, Krasimir Ivanov, John Jackson, Marc Jackson, Tessa Jackson, Daniel Jacob, Richard Jacobs, Adriaan de Jager, Marcel Jansen, Carl Jarrett, Thomas Jenkins, Bo Jensen, Douglas Jensen, Casper M. Jensen, Mike Jesinski, Pierre Jeunehomme, Steven Jewett, Paul Jimerson, Ashutosh Jindal, David Johnson, Malcolm Johnson, Steven Johnson, Richard Jones, Thomas Jones, F. de Jong, Morten Jorgensen, Jörg Juchems, Barry Julien, Kamil Kaźmierczak, Mark Kaishar, Juuso Kaitila, Oiva Kangas, Peter Karduks, Shane Karriker, Gael Kathryns, Michael Kawasaki, Michael Keel, Mike Kemble, Larry Kennard, Margaret Kennedy, Marc Keralla, Dan Kerl, Paul Kervin, Yuriy Khapochkin, Vladimir Khmyrov, Bruce Kier, Kimberly Distribution LLC, John Kinsworthy, Claude Kintziger, Yoshiaki Kinukawa, Adam Kirchgassner, Thomas Kirwan, Martin Kissner, Frank Klett, Ralph Klock, Christiaan Knaap, Peter Knazko, Dave Knight, James Knutson, Alexey Korchmar, Joan Korenman, Garry Kormos, Jeffrey Korwin, Teo Kos, Marek Kotz, Frank A. Krentz, Alexander Krigsfeld, Paul Kristiansen, Alexander Krol, Andrzej Krol, Amber Kronberg, Rasmus Krook, Nelly Kroonenberg, John Kruger, Judy Kuncher, Linda Kupsamy, Oliver Kurz, Robert Kvanbeck, GJM van de Laar, Aleš Lalík, Steve Lamb, Andre Landschulz, Lars-Ove Landsverk, Jonas Lang, Randall Laponuke, Chris Larkin, Jais Larsen, Michael Larsen, Lincoln Lashley, Charles Lasitter, Roger Laughlin, Cheri Lauritsen, Joseph Lauterio, Michael Law, Claudia Layman, Jeff Lee, Louise Lee, Oscar Lee, Greg Lefsrud, Charles LeHardy, Chris Leighton, Bernd Leistikow, Daniel Lembke, John Livingston, Frances Levitansky, Michael Lewin, Robert Lewis, Boyang Li, David Liddell, Michael Lim, Carol von der Lin, Stefan Linke, Peter Linsener, Radek Liska, John Littleton, Kit L. Lo, Donna Logan, Logic Computers Ltd., C.H. Loh, Kamanalo Lonokapu, David Lord, Ian Louden, Raphaël Loy, Ingemar Lund, Rick Lund, James Lutter, Tomi Luukkonen, Ian MacDonald, Thomas MacFarlane, Patrick Mackey, Kevin Madden, Douglas Magill, Gail Mahabirsingh, Klaus Mahr, Austin Maier, Gerald Main, Royal Maka, Kent Malinowski, John Mambo, Ed Maner, Philip L. Manhard, Jay Manifold, Charles Mansfield, John Mariette, Daniel Marino, Gabriel Fas Marín, John Marriette, Gerard Marsaly, Al Marshall, Andrew Martin, Jay Martin, Peter Martin, Michael Mashburn, Julian Mast-Ingle, DeLoe Mathatas, Leslie Matthew, Mark Matthewman, Giles H. Matthews, Seth Matthews, Yuko Mattingley, Hamid Mazuji, Sergio Mazza, Fabio Mazzotta, James McCloskey, James McDermott, Elizabeth McDowell, Jessica McGeary, Lindsay McKeon, James McKinney, Chris McKinney, Robert McLean, Jacque McNeely, Amanda Mefford, Chris Meissner, Adam Mentze, George Mentzikof, Richard Merit, William Merryman, Robert Metzger, Hermann Meyer, Kurt V Meyer, Stephen Mican, Joan M. Miccolis, Tobin Michael, Sherry Mickelson, Bard Mikkelsen, Anthony Miller, J.D. Miller, Michael Miller, Jonathan Millet, Aleksandr Milykh, Michael Mina, James Mingee, Jens Minnack, Vladimir Mirsonov, Willem Missault, Mark Mizhen, Nicolas Mohamed, Tom Molnar, Rev. Jerry Montgomery, Kenneth de Montigny, Jose R. Morales Jr., Rhonda Morales, Nicholas Moran, Angela Morell, Angelo Morgante, Mike Morris, Michael Morrison, John C. Moulder, Mick Mowchenko, MozillaUser233, James Muchow, Charles Mullen, Mark Mullins, John Mustain, Ron Muzinski, David Myrick, Renato Narduzzi, Krish Nayar, Christina Naß, Kenneth Neeser, Thomas Nelson, Joseph Neri, BackFence Network, Richard Ng, Steven Nicholson, Findlay Niederle, William Niemier, Theodoros Nikolakopoulos, Terje K. Nilssen, William Niner, Nisley Micro Engineering, tx nite, Matthew Nitti (Zatzai), Michael Noble, Robert Noble, Harry Noetzel, Daniel Nolan, Dan Norman, Jack van Nostrand, James Novak, John Nunn, James Nyman, Banwynn Oakshadow, Aaron Obitz, Michael O'Hare, Bernard Olij, Eric Oliver, Michael Olson, Myles Olson, Bert Olton, John Orchard, Gary Oriani, Mark Orleman, Dex Osborne, Jaime Ossio, Darrell Ostrom, OtakuBooty, Matt Otter, Rico Palallos, Tony Palmiere, Poggi Paolo, Bob Paoluccio, William Pappan, Julien Paquin-Saikali, Michael Park, Simon E. Parker, Gina Parosa, Daniel Parrish, Bruno Pascoal, Jennifer Patullo, James Paty, Mike du Pau, Jan Pavlíček, Steve Payne, José Luis Pérez Peinado, Tsali Peleg, Peter Perakos, Bonnie Perkins, Tor Perkins, Trish Perkins, Anton Peshkov, Paolo Petriccione, Ken Phelan, Matt Phelps, Markus Philipane, Joseph Phillips, Perry Phillips, Terence Phillips, Brion Phy, James Pietruszka, Jeffrey Pikul, Sebastiano Pilla, Max Pinner, Pioneer Spirit Enterprises LLC, piroJOKE, Natalia Janeiro Pita, Anthony Pitcher, Mark Pitts, David Platovsky, Andrew Pocock, Charles Pole, Mike Pollock, Jos Polman, Garth Ponsonby, Sid Pool, Darwin Pope, Grayson Porter, Michael E. Powell, Jeff Powell, Alexander Poylisher, Dennis Prager, Matthias Prager, Irving Prais, Juwono Pranoto, Oldrich Preiss, Uwe Preussler, Angelo Primarolo, Van Prince, Edward propes, Denis James Prosser, James Pruett, Tracy Pulkrabek, David Pyke, QCR, Eliphas Queiroz, Robert Quintrell, Faramarz Rabii, Fabien Ragavan, Dale Raggatt, Louise Raheb, Sampath Rajapakse, Marian Rakusan, Manel Ramirez, Stefan Rasch, Rhet Redpath, Nicholas Rees, James Reeves, Steffen Reiche, Donald R. Reilly, Nelson L. Renninger, Maley Rest, Rolf Reul, Faye Reynolds, Anthony Rice, David Richards, Caitlin Richardson, Donald Richardson, Leslie Richardson, Ruth Richardson, Kenneth Roberts, Edwin Robinson, Robs Domain, Allen Rock, James Rodgers, Diego Rodrigues, Allan Rogers, Ann Rogers, Olson C. Rogers, Carol Rogers, Michael Rogers, Alex Rolfe, James Rollison, Silvio Romagnoli, Zorka Romanovic, Dave Ronsky, Janet Rosecan, Stephen Rosello, Jacob M. Ross, Paul Rothenberg, Thomas D. Rouncefield, Marcos Roybal, Dima Ruinskiy, Carol Ruppe, James Russell, Rutkowski, Nikki Ryan, John Ryden, Terry S., Margus Saarme, Dan Saeden, Øystein A. Sæther, Gastón Salgueiro, Philip Salkie, Victor Saltmeris, Stephen Samela, Robert H. Samia, Fernando Sampaio, Richard Sams, Maha Samuel, H. Sanders, Mike Sandy, ABCIS Sarl, Jacob Saunders, Thomas Saunders, Sebastian Sawa, Maurice Scheepers, Richard Scheurle, Gregor Schlabitz, Carl Schmidt, Walter Schmidt, Gord Schneider, Louis Schneider, Frank Schoellkopf, Richard Schoenfeldt, Simon Schofield, Ronny Schuerer, Emre Schveighoffer, Markus Schweizer, Joseph Schwendinger, Doke Scott, Ian Scott, Patricia Scott, Maria Seliger, Sentry9000 Inc., Vyacheslav Sergeev, Graham Sewell, Darshil Shah, Amit Shanker, Clark Shaw, Lam Hui Sheung, Richard Shewchuk, Larry Short, Michael Shultz, Rob van den Sigtenhorst, Roberto J. Silos III, Timothy J. Silvey, Cosimo Simeone, Ekaterina Simerzin, Andreas Simionovici, Roger Simpson, Stephane Simson, Jo Singstad, Dilip Sinha, Brandon Sizemore, Janet Skilbeck, Bill Skiles (MysticalPrinciples), Tony Skourtas, John Skubick, George W. Skuse Jr., James Sladek, Ivo Slagers, Alex Slatalla, David Slye, Alfred Smith, Charles Smith, Dave Smith, Darren K. Smith, John M. Smith, Marc Smith, Michael Smith, Richard Smith, Susannah Smith, Travis Smith, Mirta Smith-Trevino, James Soden, Western Backup Solutions, Bitforge Solutions, Henning Sonne, Keith Soreng, Leonard Soukup, Bob Souer Productions, Discover The South, Robert Spahr, Stephen Spangle, Sparkling Carpets Inc., Thomas Sparrow, Randall Spears, Daniel Spence, James Spencer, Linda Spindler, Goran Spitzer, A. van Sprakelaar, Anupam Srivastava, LouAnne Stachowski, W. Stade, Christopher Staffa, Dorothy Staley, John Stanish, Wolfgang Stanke, Stephen Stanziano, G.R. Stead, Thomas Steckler, Randy Steele, Stehlik & Co. Ltd., George Stephanos, Henry Stern, Alan Stewart, Tara Stewart, Neil Stierhoff, Frank Stoessel, Jessica Strange, Bob Suden, Denis J.O. Sullivan, Maciej Sumiński, David Surovik, F. Sutton, Francesca Sutton, Lowell Swank, Rebecca Sweet, Susanne Swolinski, Billy Sykes, Tim Symons, Viktor Szepe, Michael Szirtes, Timothy Talley, King Tam, Kollányi Tamás, Klaus Tamminen, Kevin Tan, Alexander Taran, Ky Tat, Bryant Tate, Andrew Taub, Andy Taylor, Gary Taylor, Robert Taylor, William Taylor, TBP Industries, Gisèle Texier, Gareth Thomas, John Thomas, David Thomasson, Christopher Thompson, David Thompson, Doug Thompson, Jack Thompson, Kristian Thorsen, Edgar Thorvaldsen, Noelle&Mary Thrembath, Nicholas Thyer, David Tice, Klaus Tiedmann, George Tillmon, Robert Tipping, William Tisdale, Raj Tiwari, T~n~T Designs, Dan H. Todd, Jacent Tokaz, Achille Toro, Jose R.O.Y. de la Torre, Michel Torsin, Dennis Tostenson, Samuel Townsend, Toys Centre, Gabriele Tozzi,, Reed Treible, Dave Tremellen, Emile Trienekens, Zdenek Trojanek, Brian Trudeau, Christopher Trueman, Claudia Trujillo, Salvador Trujillo, Gary Trus, Terence Truscott, Oleksandr Tugaienko, Angry Turtle, Paula Unkel, Hayri T. Uyar, Johan Uytterhaegen, Maurizio Vacchi, Alexandros Vakkas, Ruben Varela, Michael Varhola, George Veigue, Michael Veltman, Kurt Verboom, L. Verdijk, Howard Verne, Videotel Security Group, Stuart Visser, David Vogl, Joe Vogler, Aleksi Voljää, Ove V. Vollan, Richard Vrijhof, Darko Ostoja/Ratko Vujicic, Jan Wade, Elizabeth Wain, Jess Walczak, Michael Waldeck, Sandy Walker, Dorothy Walsh, Kuo-Chang Wang, John Wasilchick, David Watson, John Watson, James Waugh, Tom Weaver, Ronald van Wegen, Neil Weicher, Susan Wendland, Michael Werner, Cory Westropp, Jacob Wexler, Russell Whaley, Bobby Whelan, Graham White, Howard White, Ivan White, Edward Whiteaker, Robert Whiteley, Sanford Whiteman DBA (HBD), Forrest Whitman, William Whitmore, Robert Whitney, David Wignall, Dave Wijnhoven, Clemens Wilhelm, Noah Wilkinson, James Williams, David R. Williams, Tena Williams, Trevor Williams, Peter Willingmann, Grayham Willmott, Roger Willsher, David E. Wilson, Erik Wilson, Marshall Wilson, Robert Wilson, Dan Wilterding, Scott Winder, John Windisch, Travis Wine, Peter Winterflood, Devra Wiseman, Shannon Wittman, Brent Woodbridge, Sandra Woodruff, Robert Wright, Hue-Tsi Wu, Dennis Wysocki, Vladimir Yemelyanov, John Yonatta, Michael Yonce, Thomas Young, Fehmi Yucer, Jerome Yurow, Willem Zabel, Frank Zacharias, Ramon Zamora, Richard Zavala, Eric Zepp, Solon Zhu, Bart van Zoest, Igor Zuagarov, 森 哲, 川中 良太, 犬塚 千絵, 石井 正将

Note: this list only includes the names of people who have made a notable contribution (monetary or otherwise). All donations and support, no matter how small, are greatly appreciated, of course.

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