Pale Moon Donations and Support

If you enjoy this free browser enough to want to give something in return, there are several ways you can support development of Pale Moon.
  1. Monetary donations
  2. Merchandise/swag
  3. Donating services
  4. Corporate sponsorship
  5. Sponsored content
  6. Thank you!

Monetary donations

You can donate money by using one of the following methods:
  • PayPal: for one-time support or recurring donations. You can either use a PayPal account or a supported credit/debit card to donate:
  • Ko-Fi: for one-time support or recurring donations. You can use PayPal or a supported credit or debit card through this method. Also the home of Pale Moon swag if you're interested!


New since 2022: support the project by buying some Pale Moon merchandise/swag! Not only are you supporting us, but you get something unique in return for your support!
Currently the only item available in this category is the Pale Moon anniversary challenge coin which you can buy from our Ko-Fi shop:

Donating services

If you want to supply services to help Pale Moon development, there are a few possible areas you may be able to help. Please contact me to discuss this.

Potential service areas:
  • Evangelism! Spread the word, launch an ad campaign, tell your friends, hand out flyers, etc.
  • Any other service you think may be of benefit to Pale Moon development or publication.
  • Wikieditors and translators to update and maintain the various pages on Wikipedia.
  • Translation of the browser by joining our localization team. See this forum post for details.

Corporate sponsorship

Thank you for your interest, but this sponsorship option is no longer available.

With great thanks to our donors and supporters, we have phased out structured corporate sponsorship of the project (to prevent, among other things, sponsors "buying influence" in Open Source development).
If you are an established company and wish to support the Pale Moon project, then you can provide this support through regular donations like individuals.

Sponsored content

We do not accept "sponsored content" on any of our websites, and never have. It does not matter how "relevant" the sponsored content might be to our corner of the software market.
We also do not accept "sponsored posts" or "sponsored articles" on our forum, nor do we have a public blog or article feed authored by us where such 3rd party posts have a place among legitimate content.
Please do not e-mail us asking for such sponsored articles to be placed anywhere on our websites; you will be wasting everyone's time, the answer will invariably be "no", and your e-mail will be considered unsolicited commercial e-mail (and treated as such when persisted, including reporting to various blacklisting sites).

Thank you

I would like to express my thanks to all the people who, over the years, have supported our project in one way or another.

Without your help, support and contributions, Pale Moon would not have been possible!

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