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Pale Moon language packs

If you prefer to have the Pale Moon user interface in your native language (not US-English), then these language packs can help you! They are based on the Mozilla Firefox language packs, with additional translations done for specific Pale Moon user interface components. Pale Moon will not be released with installers in individual languages, but installing these language packs on the US-English browser will pretty much have the same effect.

It should be noted that while these language packs convert most of the english in the user interface, they are not a complete translation as of now. Some Pale Moon specific options and texts are not localized (yet) and will show up as English if you use the packs marked as incomplete. If you want to help the Pale Moon project by translating these texts, please hop over to this forum board and help out!

Please note the installation instructions, just installing the language pack and letting Pale Moon restart is not enough! Also keep in mind that these language packs are a convenience and that the browser is and remains an English language product at its heart.

Installation instructions

A few simple steps is all that is needed to install these language packs:
  1. Download the language pack .xpi from this page (below). You may also choose to immediately "install" in the Pale Moon browser (the default when left-clicking), skipping the need to save it first (go to step 3). You do not have to restart Pale Moon yet.
  2. If you downloaded the .xpi first, double-click the .xpi in explorer/other file manager. Confirm that you want to install the .xpi in your browser. This will add the language pack to Pale Moon. You do not have to restart Pale Moon yet.
  3. To actually switch to the new language, you also have to make a configuration change. Go to the advanced configuration editor (type about:config in the address bar and press enter).
  4. Find the setting general.useragent.locale which is set to "en-US" by default. Double-click it to change.
  5. Enter the language code for your locale, including region if applicable. E.g.: "fr" if you live in france, "ja" if you live in Japan, "es-MX" if you want Mexican Spanish. Use the same code as the file name of the language pack you downloaded.
  6. Close Pale Moon completely and restart it.

And that's it! You can now use Pale Moon in your native language.

Note that these language packs only change the interface language. They don't change the language used for the spellchecker.
To download a spellchecker dictionary of your choice, go to:
Or right-click any normal text input field, and in the pop-up menu select Languages -> Add Dictionaries...

Download for v25

Download links for the language packs
= incomplete (no active translator)
= in progress (incomplete but someone has partially translated it)
= complete

These language packs are for the latest major version of the browser (v25). They will not work on older versions. If you are using an older version of the browser, please go to the archived versions page and download the approporiate language pack for your browser version.

Acholi (Uganda)
Afrikaans af.xpi
Arabic ar.xpi
Assamese (India) as.xpi
Belarusian be.xpi
Bulgarian bg.xpi
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD.xpi
Bengali (India) bn-IN.xpi
Catalan ca.xpi
Czech cs.xpi
Kashubian csb.xpi
Welsh cy.xpi
Danish da.xpi
German de.xpi
Alternative German
Greek (Modern) el.xpi
English (U.K.) en-GB.xpi
English (South Africa)
Esperanto eo.xpi
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR.xpi
Spanish (Chile) es-CL.xpi
Spanish (Spain) es-ES.xpi
Spanish (Mexico)
Estonian et.xpi
Basque eu.xpi
Persian fa.xpi
Pulaar Fulfulde ff.xpi
 Finnish fi.xpi
French fr.xpi
Western Frisian (Netherlands) fy-NL.xpi
Irish ga-IE.xpi
Gaelic (Scottish)
Galician (Spain)
Gujarati (India) gu-IN.xpi
Hebrew he.xpi
Hindi (India) hi-IN.xpi
Croatian hr.xpi
Hungarian hu.xpi
Armenian hy-AM.xpi
Indonesian id.xpi
Icelandic is.xpi
Italian it.xpi
Japanese ja.xpi
Kazakh kk.xpi
Khmer (Cambodian)
Kannada (India)
Korean ko.xpi
Kurdish ku.xpi
Ligure lij.xpi
Lithuanian lt.xpi
Latvian lv.xpi
Macedonian mk.xpi
Malayalam ml.xpi
Mongolian mn.xpi
Marathi mr.xpi
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb-NO.xpi
Dutch nl.xpi
Norwegian (Nynorsk) nn-NO.xpi
Pedi/Nothern Sotho
Oriya or.xpi
Panjabi/Punjabi (India) pa-IN.xpi
 Polish pl.xpi
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR.xpi
 Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT.xpi
Romansh rm.xpi
Romanian/Moldavian ro.xpi
Sinhala si.xpi
Slovak sk.xpi
 Slovenian sl.xpi
Albanian sq.xpi
Serbian sr.xpi
Swedish sv-SE.xpi
Tamil ta.xpi
Tamil (Sri Lanka) ta-LK.xpi
Telugu te.xpi
Thai th.xpi
Turkish tr.xpi
Ukranian uk.xpi
Vietnamese vi.xpi
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN.xpi
 Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW.xpi

Important note: These language packs are provided AS-IS. I am not the author of these language packs, and cannot provide support for the actual contents of them.
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