Pale Moon unstable releases - release notes

These release notes are for pre-release versions of Pale Moon. They may include notes for public betas and the intended "rolling" unstable channel we have planned for the near future.
Please understand that these release notes are concise summaries, nothing more.

If you find bugs in these versions, please report them in the issue tracker on GitHub for Pale Moon. When you do so, please check if the bug has already been reported before by others to prevent duplicate entries in the tracker. If you report bugs, make sure to include the build date (as found in the about box) and provide clear information about the bug:
  • Clear indication of what version of the browser this was found in (x86, x64, Windows, Linux, exact version and build (see "About" box)
  • Clear description of the bug found, with a concise and clear title for the issue
    (include exact circumstances and exact error messages, if any)
  • Steps to reproduce
    (what exactly do you do to cause the bug to become apparent?)
  • Expected results
    (given the steps taken, what did you expect the browser to do?)
  • Actual results
    (what did the browser do instead of what was expected?)
Also make sure that before you report a bug, that you verify if the bug also manifests with default preferences and no installed add-ons (preferably create a new profile to check).

Current trunk progress since release (major changes only):

  • Added Windows-specific CSS parameters and queries for the use of the system accent color. Added are parameters -moz-win-accentcolor and -moz-win-accentcolortext, and the media query -moz-win-accentcolor-applies to know if Windows is actively using an accent color.
  • Changed Windows' browser CSS sheet ot use variables instead of hard-coding colors, simplifying its style and making it more flexible. Further cleaned up the Windows 10 specific browser style.
  • Changed the theme on Windows 10 to use the new accent colors and improve consistency.
  • Fixed an issue with automatically exporting bookmarks to HTML on shutdown.
  • MSE Media updates (ongoing).
  • Fixed a regression re: domains allowed to/blocked from installing add-ons.
  • Fixed several internal errors thrown in the front-end.
  • Fixed more things in the Windows theme.
  • Updated Windows widgets to be able to pick up Windows 10 accent colors dynamically and have the browser 's look and feel respond accordingly, even with automatic color changes based on desktop wallpaper.
  • Fixed several minor issues in the devtools.
  • Added DOM function isSameNode().
  • Added HTTP request method OPTIONS.
  • Improved the handling of several CSS selectors.
  • Implemented document.scrollingelement (CSSOM).
  • Added an option to exit to a no-content page after encountering a network or security error.
  • Added DOM onvisibilitychange event.
  • Changed session storage to remember form data for https sites by default.
  • Enabled the opt-in feature to log SSL keys for HTTPS debugging purposes on all builds.
  • Added (yet another) trap prevention method to onbeforeunload events.
  • Removed the experimental FF4 prerelease status-in-addressbar feature because the already-crowded address bar needs a break. This should solve some extension interop issues, theme issues and domain highlighting issues people have reported.
  • Fixed privacy preferences not correctly resetting all options when choosing "Remember History"
  • Fixed not being able to deselect loading bookmarks in the sidebar.
  • Limited the display of user names and hosts in the http auth dialog to sane lengths, preventing over-sizing issues.
  • Fixed a number of potential crash points.
  • Improved the security of the Windows dll loader module.
  • Reinstated "Open all in tabs" option on folders of live bookmarks (feeds).
  • Added experimental Brotli accept-encoding (alternative compressed http data transfer). Disabled by default for now because it causes issues.
  • Added Object.values and Object.entries enumerator functions (ECMA2017).
  • Added a fix to prevent the home page from being loaded (and subsequently overridden) when restoring a session.
  • Cleaned up some dead code for the plugin updater that no longer exists.
  • Added "Open in new private window" to bookmarks, feeds and history entries.
  • Fixed a number of minor issues in the devtools.
  • Made URL matching more liberal in selected text to make it easier to open stated addresses.
  • Fixed a text direction issue in preferences.
  • Fixed an issue with disabled context menu entries after using Customize...
  • Added an option to control add-on blocklist behvior (Options -> Security)
  • Added a menu option to restart the browser.
  • Fixed an issue with Graphite font rendering where automatic font collision fixing didn't always work.
  • Color Management for images is now disabled by default on Linux, due to many distributions not having a streamlined setup with sane default ICC profiles, which makes images look worse.
  • Tightened the update security check to prevent acceptance of update manifests that have been intercepted/replaced through https MitM attacks.
  • Updated the ANGLE library to broaden WebGL support and reduce the potential of crashes (due to junk being sent to the video driver).
  • Added content-sniffing for WebP images (working around CloudFront's incorrect content-type headers).
  • Fixed a problem with some H.264 media not playing (SPS NAL).
  • Improved timer efficiency (switch back to lower precision when high precision is no longer needed, reducing CPU/power consumption).
  • Reorganized and cleaned up the status preferences.
  • Improved handling of MP3 metadata parsing; fixed a number of searching issues and crashes.
  • Improved context search on selected text/links.
  • Updated address bar handling with Alt or Shift modifiers.
  • Dropped support for Direct2D 1.0 to avoid font rendering issues. Windows installations not capable of using Direct2D 1.1 will now fall back to software rendering. As a result, fonts may look different from this version onwards if you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Users on Windows 7 affected by this should install the Platform Update to re-enable Direct2D.
  • Added a potential fix for Pale Moon not starting from Enlightenment. (27.5.0)
  • Added Object.values and Object.entries object attributes to satisfy the spec. (27.5.0)
  • Fixed image decoder calls to make sure the image load event doesn't fire prematurely.
  • Pale Moon will now clear QuotaManager storage (asm.js cache/IndexedDB) as part of clearing Offline Website Data.
For a more detailed and complete list of changes, check out the commit log.

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