Pale Moon unstable releases - release notes

These release notes are for pre-release versions of Pale Moon. They may include notes for public betas and the intended "rolling" unstable channel we have planned for the near future.
Please understand that these release notes are concise summaries, nothing more.

If you find bugs in these versions, please report them in the issue tracker on GitHub for Pale Moon. When you do so, please check if the bug has already been reported before by others to prevent duplicate entries in the tracker. If you report bugs, make sure to include the build date (as found in the about box) and provide clear information about the bug:
  • Clear indication of what version of the browser this was found in (x86, x64, Windows, Linux, exact version and build (see "About" box)
  • Clear description of the bug found, with a concise and clear title for the issue
    (include exact circumstances and exact error messages, if any)
  • Steps to reproduce
    (what exactly do you do to cause the bug to become apparent?)
  • Expected results
    (given the steps taken, what did you expect the browser to do?)
  • Actual results
    (what did the browser do instead of what was expected?)
Also make sure that before you report a bug, that you verify if the bug also manifests with default preferences and no installed add-ons (preferably create a new profile to check).

Current trunk progress since release (major changes only):

  • Aligned DOM selection addRange with the spec.
    (this time without breaking copying of selected text ;) )
  • Media: Made tail dispatching automatic and happen on the main thread.
  • Exposed mozAnon constructor js binding to system scopes for XHR.
  • Fixed various issues in the WebP image decoder.
  • Added support for RSA-AES(-GCM)-SHA256/384 suites to broaden compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue with Synced preferences sometimes overwriting stored individual preferences.
  • Added documents to allowed <embed> types for webmasters who don't know html ;P
  • Implemented optional parameters for permessage-deflate in preparation for RFC7692 errata making acceptance of them mandatory (and to prevent web compat issues doe to the current conflicting text of it).
  • Reconfigured networking security: disabled static DHE suites by default, enabled all RSA-AES(-GCM)-SHA256/384 suites in their stead.
  • Re-implemented the previous spellchecker dictionary logic (allow user override of document/element language, improve logic and make it unambiguous).
  • Made HTML Media Elements' preload attribute MSE-spec compliant.
    The preload attribute on HTML media elements is now ignored in the case of an MSE source. This prevents an issue with sourceopen not firing when preload="none".
  • Enhanced form data handling from JavaScript (needs verification), see PR #983.
  • Fixed locale selection in ICU after update to ICU58.
    (Pale Moon uses the system locale for date formatting)
  • Fixed referrer policy keyword to align with the current spec ("cross-origin" vs "crossorigin").
  • Ongoing fixes for the MP4 parser and MSE.
  • Added the option to reset non-default profiles (verification needed that this works as-intended)
  • Fixed up, checked and enabled vertical text writing modes!
  • Added an option (browser.sessionstore.cache_behavior) to control from which source restored tabs pull their page content:
    0 = load restored tab data from cache (current behavior, default)
    1 = refresh restored tab data from the network
    2 = refresh stored tab data from the network and bypass any cached data.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent contacting remote servers when a connection might get blocked.
  • Fixed an issue importing bookmarks with separators losing their extra data.
  • Fixed some issues with Windows WMF media playback.
  • Improved upon a v27 performance regression with SVG scaling.
  • Added remote IP and protocol to Devtools->Network entry details.
  • Fixed a regression in the MSIE profile migrator.
  • Improved performance by being more selective which CSS animations to process.
  • Increased memory allocation for the use of very large PAC files.
  • Added an option to display punycode domain for IDN websites to combat phishing.
    Preference: browser.identity.display_punycode
    0 = Display IDN name in identity panel (previous behavior)
    1 = Display punycode name for DV SSL domains (default)
    2 = Also display punycode for HTTP sites if IDN name used
  • Fixed display of RSS folder icons.
  • Fixed issues with custom context menus.
  • Removed migration of browser-specific settings when migrating data from IE/Safari.
  • Changed the way numeric addresses are handled in the address bar so it doesn't perform a search when it shouldn't.
  • Added devtools command-line options.
  • Added menu entries for the permissions manager and improvements to its function and display.
  • Added preferences to control "highlight all" behavior of the find bar:
    accessibility.typeaheadfind.highlightallbydefault = true/false highlight all found words by default.
    accessibility.typeaheadfind.highlightallremember = true/false remember the last-used state of Highlight All.
  • Added support for <details> and <summary> HTML tags.
  • Updated NSS to 3.28.4-RTM.
  • Made the image document favicon skinnable.
  • Removed preloading of HPKP hosts and enabled HPKP header enforcement.
  • Added control in preferences for HSTS and HPKP usage.
  • Changed HTML bookmark exports on Windows to write CRLF line endings to the file.
  • Leveraged multi-core rendering for libVPX (VP8/VP9 WebM decoding)
For a more detailed and complete list of changes, check out the commit log.

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