Pale Moon unstable releases - release notes

These release notes are for pre-release versions of Pale Moon. They may include notes for public betas and the "rolling" unstable channel.
Please understand that these release notes are concise summaries, nothing more, and not an exhaustive record of all changes.

If you find bugs in these versions, please report them in the issue tracker on GitHub for UXP. When you do so, please check if the bug has already been reported before by others to prevent duplicate entries in the tracker. If you report bugs, make sure to include the build date (as found in the about box) and provide clear information about the bug:
  • Clear indication of what version of the browser this was found in (x86, x64, Windows, Linux, exact version and build (see "About" box))
  • Clear description of the bug found, with a concise and clear title for the issue
    (include exact circumstances and exact error messages, if any)
  • Steps to reproduce
    (what exactly do you do to cause the bug to become apparent?)
  • Expected results
    (given the steps taken, what did you expect the browser to do?)
  • Actual results
    (what did the browser do instead of what was expected?)
Also make sure that before you report a bug, that you verify if the bug also manifests with default preferences and no installed add-ons (preferably create a new profile to check).

Current trunk progress (major and recent changes only):

  • Implemented most of CustomElements v1. (preffed, not functional yet due to reliance on shadow DOM).
  • Implemented parts of shadow DOM v1 (ongoing).
  • Removed support for the <marquee> element.
  • Removed some left-over plugin check service code.
  • Updated the display of secure states to more clearly indicate the common mixed-mode situation.
  • Implemented the CSS flow-root keyword.
  • Implemented object.fromEntries() JavaScript function.
  • Implemented module preloading and fixed some minor spec compliance issues.
  • Implemented the ResizeObserver API.
  • Implemented percentage-based opacity values according to the re-introduced spec for it.
  • Fixed a crash with CSS clipping paths.
  • Cleaned up Windows widget code.
For a more detailed and complete list of changes, check out the commit log.

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