Advanced preferences: General

This preferences tab provides advanced Pale Moon settings not categorized elsewhere.


This holds a single accessibility option:

  • Search for text when I start typing: This will make the browser launch a text search in the web page you have open by starting to type. Please note that this is an option specifically for accessibility use of the browser. It is recommended to leave this option disabled and use "/" to start a quick search or "Ctrl+F" to start a full search to avoid unexpected or ambiguous browser behavior.


This section holds a few general-browsing options:
  • Use autoscrolling: This enables the use of "autoscrolling" mode, which is generally triggered by clicking the mouse wheel. This mode allows you to drag a special indicator to determine automatic (hands-free) scrolling speed to set a reading speed for long articles.
  • Use hardware acceleration when available: This enables various ways for the browser to use accelerated hardware to display, compose, scroll and animate web pages (using your GPU when possible) which can dramatically speed up the display of web pages. If disabled, these tasks are performed by your CPU. Disabling this may be required for some combinations of hardware, system software and video drivers that may have issues with the way Pale Moon tries tohandle page compositing and rendering.
  • Check my spelling as I type: This enables the built-in spellchecking engine for text input when you type.

System Defaults

This section determines how Pale Moon behaves in regards to system integration (default browser settings).
  • Always check to see if Pale Moon is the default browser on startup: If enabled, Pale Moon will do a check when it is launched to see if it is set as the operating system's default browser or not. If not, it will ask you if you want to make it the default browser when it starts.
  • Button "Make Pale Moon the default browser": This is only displayed if Pale Moon is not the default browser.
    This button allows you to have Pale Moon attempt to set itself as the operating system's default browser for all supported protocols and file types.
Please note that some operating system configurations don't allow Pale Moon to set itself as default handler, and you will have to go into the appropriate control panel of the operating system to do so.


This section allows you to set how Pale Moon behaves on websites.

v26 and before:
  • Checkbox "Use Firefox Compatibility mode": Checking this box will make Pale Moon act more "like Firefox" to be compatible with websites that specifically check for mainstream browsers.
  • User Agent mode: This allows you to control the type of user agent (identification) Pale Moon sends to visited websites:
    • Native: This will send Pale Moon's native string to websites, which indicates only its own rendering engine (Goanna/xx.xx) and application name (PaleMoon/xx.xx)
    • Gecko compatibility: The same as Native, but adds a Gecko engine slice to the user agent string to indicate its common ancestry and general expected behavior to be roughly in line with Gecko-based browsers.
    • Firefox compatibility: This changes the user agent string to be more "like Firefox" in that it uses the application version for its engine revision (rv:xx.xx) and including both a Gecko/x and Firefox/xx.xx slice in the user agent.

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