Intel Atomâ„¢ and Windows XP build

Starting with Pale Moon 27.0 (Nov 2016), we no longer support Windows XP and other Windows versions from the same era (Server 2003, etc.) in any of our builds.

Further testing has also indicated that building specifically for Atom processors no longer provides a sufficient performance/maintenance cost tradeoff with the v27 code base. We have therefore decided to offer a single version of Pale Moon for all processor types from this point forward.

All users previously on the Atom version will automatically be offered an upgrade to the main-line x86 build of Pale Moon, with the exception of Windows XP users who will not be offered an upgrade past the latest compatible version (determined by offered useragent string).

Additional information about Pale Moon on Windows XP can be found here.

For your convenience, we keep a direct download link to the installer available here, in case you need to install the latest version for Windows XP. Please understand that this version is not current and unsupported by us! Please also make sure to disable updates in this browser as outlined on the info page linked to above.

Pale Moon 26.5.0 for Atom/Windows XP
Size: 20,087,280 Bytes
SHA256: 2e52237fdf1da362a07153b743283872a4e20c58c32c35de75e940a42cc3b250
Download link: [Europe] [USA] [Asia]

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