Known issues in the current version

Development notes

The Pale Moon browser, at any point in time, may have a number of known issues. These known issues will usually be addressed in the next release of the browser, or it may be something that people have noticed and are mentioned here because they are "by design", i.e.: issues people have asked about, are known, and are this way on purpose.
For each issue, check the status for intended action to be taken in development (if any) and intended time line (if applicable).

Known issues in the current version:
  1. Remote X rendering on Linux is slow
    We are currently investigating the exact cause, and have received offers to assist by the X2Go team to find the cause and solutions for slow remote rendering, even with xrender extensions present and in use. This may take some time to research and for a fix to be implemented and tested.
    Status: [In Progress]
  2. A number of Firefox extensions do not work
    This is caused by Pale Moon's divergence from Firefox. Please see the forum and our own add-ons site for replacements/alternatives.
    Status: [By Design]

Known issues in all versions:

  1. The browser creates directories under %APPDATA%\Mozilla, specifically Mozilla\Extensions
    These directories are related to the underlying Mozilla extension code (Pale Moon is a Mozilla-derived browser) and stores extension IDs there. This issue is completely harmless and non-breaking; in fact, having (all) Mozilla-based applications use this one central location for extension IDs is desired.
    Status: [By Design]

Known issues in previous versions

Because issues in previous versions may still apply to what people are running, here is a recap of previous, still recent versions that have been fixed, and potential workarounds:

  1. Some WebP images may crash the browser.
    Pale Moon may intermittently crash when decoding WebP images that are particularly large or whose loading is interrupted.
    Status: [Fixed]
    Timeline: Fixed in 28.4.0

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