Pale Moon unstable releases - release notes

These release notes are for pre-release versions of Pale Moon. They may include notes for public betas and the "rolling" unstable channel.
Please understand that these release notes are concise summaries, nothing more, and not an exhaustive record of all changes.

If you find bugs in these versions, please report them in the issue tracker on GitHub for UXP. When you do so, please check if the bug has already been reported before by others to prevent duplicate entries in the tracker. If you report bugs, make sure to include the build date (as found in the about box) and provide clear information about the bug:
  • Clear indication of what version of the browser this was found in (x86, x64, Windows, Linux, exact version and build (see "About" box))
  • Clear description of the bug found, with a concise and clear title for the issue
    (include exact circumstances and exact error messages, if any)
  • Steps to reproduce
    (what exactly do you do to cause the bug to become apparent?)
  • Expected results
    (given the steps taken, what did you expect the browser to do?)
  • Actual results
    (what did the browser do instead of what was expected?)
Also make sure that before you report a bug, that you verify if the bug also manifests with default preferences and no installed add-ons (preferably create a new profile to check).

Current trunk progress, v28 beta 4 (major and recent changes only):

We have switched over to the new milestone, and these unstable builds are building on UXP. This means the browser will be significantly different under the hood than our current v27.* release versions.
  • Updated the WebP library to 1.0.0 + security fixes.
  • Fixed the findbar styling for now being part of tabs.
  • Fixed known security vulnerabilities from upstream.
  • Fixed an issues with extension button placement.
  • Re-implemented Pale Moon specific prefs for cache back-end and tab-modal prompts grabbing focus.
  • Worked around an issue with the thumbnail service in combination with overly script-heavy sites.
  • Fixed password manager icon display.
  • Updated reader view components.
  • Fixed an issue with web worker shutdowns.
  • Added mode:navigate to Fetch.
  • Fixed rights display for unbranded.
  • Restored pref control of the DOM page visibility API.
  • Reconfigured the application for intended release config.
  • Fixed an issue with WebGL shadow mapping.
  • Restored OS X 10.7/10.8 compatibility with WebGL.
  • Fixed a performance issue when closing a tab with an ungodly amount of images displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where full-screen does not initialize properly if a navigation bar control is focused.
  • Fixed a regression where fast downscaling of images would use Hamming instead of Lanczos-2.
  • Added a pref control (image.layerize.always) to allow users to trade off image quality for performance.
    Default disabled as it can cause aliased results in downscaled images with position:fixed or position:absolute
  • Made sure to keep lightweight themes enabled in Private Browsing mode.
  • Adjusted page info/permissions manager to the back-end regarding plugins.
  • Fixed an issue with some media files not playing as a result of containing a user data box.
  • Adjusted DOM domain, DOM DataTransfer constructors and CSS grid to match the latest spec.
  • Fixed LaunchApplication dialog button ordering to be consistent on Windows.

For a more detailed and complete list of changes, check out the commit log.

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