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"I have used Pale Moon for about 3 years.
I migrated from Firefox to Waterfox when Australis came along. Then from Waterfox to Pale Moon based on recommendations I read online. In the last year I have had video problems and was forced to use Chrome for several common functions.

The latest upgrade (28.0) has fixed all of those, the theme I was forced into is better than the one I was using (Fox Moon?) and the general layout, fonts, and presentation have all improved in ways I cannot readily define, but like a lot.

Chrome has been retired. Thanks Pale Moon! "
Jan / AJ1AN (unknown) - Pale Moon 28.0.0
"I've always used Firefox, since I was on Windows XP. Lately, Firefox was getting just too bloated and heavy with features that I never really used. It took 20 seconds to start sometimes, especially the first time after booting my machine. As of version 55, most extensions that I use were getting all but deprecated in favor of a webextension system to which all these extensions should have already been ported by now.

I chose Pale Moon because it wasn't a FF clone. Well done, Pale Moon! Pale Moon is fast, doesn't crash on its own troubleshooting page, doesn't lag on startup, loads pages in almost half the time. I can even start the browser full screen without issue!"
James (Alabama, USA) - Pale Moon 27.4.2
"As a longtime Firefox user, I was disappointed when their latest release (53) made my favourite web game unplayable.
Pale Moon to the rescue - not only does it work with that game, but its much faster on startup, and all my favourite extensions work as well.

Well done Pale Moon team - thank you for NOT abandoning a great browser base."
Aaron (<undisclosed> BC, Canada) - Pale Moon 27.3.0
"I tried updating to Firefox x50 from v45. Big mistake.
I have a some apps on my own computer that require local disk access and the new Firefox will not allow me to use them. On top of that I have a problem with freezing up for no reason every so often which gets really annoying.

So after a little research and finding Pale Moon I figured could not hurt to try it. Well, it is my primary browser now. So far has NO PROBLEMS AT ALL AND IS VERY STABLE which is something I cannot say about Firefox.

Flash based apps work way better, like YouTube or web based games.

Keep up the good work on developing more for this browser. It rocks."
Tom Lewis (Salem, OR, USA) - Pale Moon 27.0.0
"I came to Pale Moon recently due to FF Extension signing making things difficult for the addons I use, e.g pentadactyl, and with XUL being deprecated this will essentailly put the nail in the coffin for a lot of good addons.

The browser is quick and functional. Its like going back in time and using Firefox when it was the real alternative."
Ben Crawford (Northampton, UK) - Pale Moon 26.5.0
"What an AWESOME browser!

A month ago, I purchased an Acer Aspire 3050 laptop, which is a very-minimal one, I struggled with Firefox and Google's Chrome, which used to waste a lot of my time as they were all super-slow, it was then I realized the existence of "lightweight browsers".
Unfortunately they were only lightweight because they were missing features; eventually i found out about "Pale Moon" because it was Puppy's default browser, and I been browsing the web in a decent speed every since :)

The thing with Firefox, chrome, and all modern browsers, is that they take away the web from the hands of the poor! Those who can't afford a high-tech processor with 4GB RAM will never be able to navigate through - say - 10 tabs."
Abdorhman Ayman (Cairo, Egypt) - Pale Moon 26.4.1
"Been using Pale moon since  24.1.0 and have never looked back.

Why do I use it? How about there's a version for everyone of my computing platforms; be it x86, x64, Atom processors (yes I have a netbook) and both Linux and Windows platforms.
It always proves to be the most stable browser out there and bucks the trend of modern browsers thinking it's their job to be an operating system (I'm looking at you Google).  It doesn't need stupid bells and whistles (Google web-apps anyone?); it has one job to do and performs it superbly and without fuss; why use anything else?"
Jonathan Gregory (Wolverhampton, UK) - Pale Moon
"Some years ago, maybe 2012, I had been looking for a x64 browser to use in my laptop, because, the more frecuently used browsers convert into a slower software. I tested few browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Wyzo, Browzar and others that I do not remember at this time. And finally I found Pale Moon, in a first time, I installed that in a Mini Laptop with a very few characteristics (like all of them), and surprisingly Pale Moon works more quickly than previous browsers and decided to migrate all my information to the Perfect Browser.

Some of the characteristic that makes me love Pale Moon browser

1. Excellent support, take into account user requirements, opinions or likes.
2. Huge personalization, with easy to use tools and guides to tweak more this browser.
3. Awesome resources administration in Windows x86 and x64 architectures .
4. Tool to migrate data, and backup profile (the feature that first use to change to Pale Moon).
Best wishes​ to your amazing browser and thanks for your work."
Giovanni (Bogotá, Colombia) - Pale Moon 26.3.3
"Pale Moon is more robust than a rock!

I opened both Pale Moon 26.3.3 (x64) & Firefox 47.0.1 (x64) for 3 days 3 nights non-stop and I got result that Pale Moon NEVER crashed, but Firefox crashed 5 times.

I admit that Pale Moon is the most robust web-browser I ever used."
Taufik Mukti (Purwokerto, Indonesia) - Pale Moon 26.3.3
"I have only just started to use Pale Moon after using Firefox for many years, tried Waterfox as well, to no avail. My computer is an up to date one and a 64bit.

Downloaded Pale Moon 26.2.2 over the weekend and have found it very very good so far, very neat and everything I require in a browser. Thank goodness I found Pale Moon."
Hazel Burd (Gloucester, MA, USA) - Pale Moon 26.2.2
"I have been using Pale Moon for a few years now along with different other browsers which, unfortunately, did not last until this very day - unlike Pale Moon, that is. Making heavily use of several browsers using several different Operating Systems, Pale Moon is the browser which lasted as the only browser which can do it all:

* Utterly reliable;
* Stable as a Rock;
* Fast like no other;
* Has the user experience of a light weight simple application;
* Boatload of actually working add-ons available;
* No memory blob attached even with these add-ons;
* Is actually Privacy aware;
* Superb team of developers which:
- do communicate;
- make automatically available (Security) updates on a regular fashion;

I must thank the guys and gals who make my day a great one by using this piece of free!! software. This must be said, an enormous thanks to those, with my respect!"
Schmeerkaasch (Dorst, the Netherlands) - Pale Moon 26.0.0
"Big Thanks!!

I'm using Pale Moon for my Dev projects and it was good! FF and Chrome keeps lagging from my unit and hogging large memmory!

Keep up the good work!"
Mr.V (Mandaluyong City, Philippines) - Pale Moon 25.8.1
"I was tired of Firefox removing features I loved and was annoyed that every time I opened Firefox it would suck up RAM and give me an instant BSOD. Pale Moon fixed that.
It also works well on my windows tablet! Well worth the download and the creator (Moonchild) deserves two thumbs way, way up!"
Travis McEndree (-, UT, USA) - Pale Moon 25.8.1
"I have been using Pale Moon for several years now, and I cannot help but feel that it is the best browser EVER!

I have tested numerous browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Avant, Comodo Dragon, Lunascape, Citrio, Torch browser, Green browser, Maxthon, K-Meleon, Opera, Otter browser, Seamonkey, Internet Explorer, Swing browser, Superfast browser, Crazy browser, Arora browser, World browser, QtWeb browswer, Waterfox, Iceweasel, Cometbird browser, Superbird browser, Blackbird browser, Baidu browser, Wyzo browser, and (of course) Pale Moon.

All of them, with the exception of Pale Moon, have a fatal flaw or two that makes me to trash it two days after installing..... But..... Pale Moon is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!

After several years of using Pale Moon, I decided to give this testimonial so that other people suffering from lags, crashes, etc. can have a new life. :)

Thank you so much for making Pale Moon. Ever since I started to use it, my life has become 100x better.
All my support is for you, Pale Moon!! :)"
Minchel Kim (Seoul, South Korea) - Pale Moon 25.7.3
"Since I use Manjaro Linux XFCE, I was looking for a replacement for Firefox.

I found Pale Moon known under Windows but for Linux I was surprised that it was available. Pale Moon is fast, stable, secure and is feature rich. And another interesting option is the use of Pale Moon own addons but also the Firefox addons.

I'm glad to use Pale Moon as my standard browser and I am happy that it also is available for Manjaro Linux.

Big thanks!"
Marc Smit (The Hague, ZH, NL) - Pale Moon 25.7.1
"Pale Moon is an incredibly lightweight browser. I've used tons of different ones from many different countries and from developers of various sizes, but this one puts them all to shame.

What really stands out the most to me is how uncluttered it is. It's like looking through a window directly at the content; no spam, no unnecessary features or toolbars; I can really dig that.

So, good job guys. Keep up the good work."
Kae (Raleigh, NC, USA) - Pale Moon 25.7.0
"Pale Moon is the best web browser I've used, bar none.

Fast, stable, and still feature-rich, I'm glad Pale Moon stood out from the crowd when Firefox decided to go a different route. You've got my support, as well as everyone I've showed Pale Moon to.

Thank you!"
Nick Moran (Kansas City, KS, USA) - Pale Moon 25.7.0
"As many before me I came from Firefox when it entered IE territory of badness.

The greatest thing about this browser, to me, is it's accessibility and easiness.
Definitely what Firefox should have been. Hope it stays (ad)free forever.

Keessie (Utrecht, NL) - Pale Moon 25.6.0
"Instant convert

With me it's been the familiar story: been with Firefox for years, stuck with it past FF29 because I liked the alternatives even less. At the end it's been so bad that I used add-ons just to try to undo FF nonsense.

Yesterday I found Pale Moon mentioned on a forum and immediately felt at home with version 25.4.0 x64 for Linux. Importantly I am now rid of FF's baggage: becoming more and more like Chrome; adding nonsense bloat between releases; trying to "promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web" by having a Corporation -- yeah, right.

Firefox is now gone from my system, and it's gone for good.

Ryan from Ann Arbor hit the nail on the head: "Pale Moon is Firefox done right"."
eigernorth (London, UK) - Pale Moon 25.4.0
"I am IT networking guy and last 15 years I have always been trying different versions of different browsers looking for good browsing experience provider or at least not so annoying as most of them.

I don`t know how you have done it, but this Pale Moon seems like a true miracle - I love it.

Out of the blue from nowhere (I just found it in Puppy distro), free and non famous, but for sure the fastest - I have never seen so fast browsing. No annoying begging to be installed add-ons, no settups and ready for the best straight from the first start. Pure pleasure.

I have to admit it - This is the best browser.
Thank you guy for the brilliant work."
Angel (London, UK) - Pale Moon 24.7.1
"I don't know how you manage to keep Pale Moon such a great product for free but we appriciate it.

Pale Moon has fixed dozens of Firefox crashes a day and we use it on both Windows and Linux systems."
Ray (MPD Digital) (Albany, GA, USA) - Pale Moon 25.3.0
"I just installed Pale Moon (x64) and it is awesome!

Really, I never had a faster and comfortable internet experience since several years. All this big and heavy browsers, it took so long so find this small and fast one. I was about to buy a new notebook, just because internet experience got so bad, so slow! But everything else on my computer was quick and very up to date. Now I don’t even need to buy a new notebook!

Thank you so much for this browser! I spent so much time searching for a small and fast and functional Browser like this!!!

Even the Pale Moon Start Page I really like, it is so useful, it is like a very clean nice workdesk in the browser itself!!

You really deserved my respect for this work and I hope this project will stay like its now. And I hope there are enough thankful people like me, that spend some money for your work."
Tobi (Bochum, Germany) - Pale Moon 25.2.1
"I noticed the beginning of the end of Firefox for me at around the v4 version, struggled on with it for a while trying to fix, undo and remove each and every "feature" they added.

One day, enough was enough - searched for alternatives, found a few contenders and tried them all.

Some didn`t make it beyond 30 minutes of testing, then I tried Pale Moon.

Almost three years later as I type this, I am still using Pale Moon *exclusively* - that says something in itself.

PaleMoon is what Firefox should have been.
  • Not pandering to the whims of UI designers who appear to make change for the sake of change alone,
  • Not adding uneccessary features while removing useful ones,
  • Not blindly following trends and mimicking other browsers.
PaleMoon is on it`s own path and continues to excel.

It`s highly unlikely that I will be changing to any other browser, any time soon."
Joe (United Kingdom) - Pale Moon 25.1.0
"Thank You!

Just updated Firefox, everything went bad, had to revert to old version.

Been a Firefox guy since it was Mosaic, I almost forgot what a browser should be like, so glad you didn't!
Brings me back to the old days when things could be small, fast, and functional.
10x faster than FF, and works, w/out forcing any 'IE/Chrome/Apple/Trying-to-think-for-you' crap on me.

I love it, instant convert. Again, thank you!"
grizzman (Milwaukee, WI, USA) - Pale Moon 25.0.2
"Just started using this on my 64 bit Win 7 PC.  I was using Chromium vs. Chrome before and it was killing my RAM (8 GB).  Pale Moon is significantly faster and using a lot less RAM.  Very nice.

Excellent job on the browser!"
Tom (Winthrop Harbor, IL, USA) - Pale Moon 25.0.1
"Installed on both laptop (Linux Mint) and PC (Windows) where latest version of Firefox was installed already.
My experience: better speed, better browse experience in comparison to Firefox on both laptop and PC.
Conclusion: Pale Moon is a very good browser, better than Firefox as far as I have experienced.

P.S.: In the past I have also tested other browsers, but I stayed with Firefox.
Pale Moon made me switch to another browser; Pale Moon!!"
Stapelbroek (Beltrum, Netherlands) - Pale Moon 24.7.2
"As I am in advising security measures for IT operations, I know just how vulnerable the web browser is to different attacks. Firefox has always been the best, tried chrome but really not a fan. Version 29 was the last straw, a new terrible design UI that was unnecessary along with increased crashing.

Palemoon is now the browser I recommend as the default on all client machines... Inlcuding my own for probably 9 months now.

Thank you Palemoon! Keep on developing and I'll keep deploying."
Rick Ross (USA) - Pale Moon 24.7.1
"I just really feel like I should thank you for saving me from a heart attack.

After foolishly updating my Mozilla browser... Everything was messed up and nothing was working anymore and I was legit freaking out because the sudden dread of potentially losing all my bookmarks, meticulously adjusted add-ons and just... Everything. Horror.

Pale Moon simply adopted everything, popped up and... Works. Everything is there, nothing needs to be recollected, and it all works.

Thanks for that and... Please stay that way. Many people actually use their statusbar and wish to keep their tabs on bottom, clickable and closable and simple. I fail to see why other browsers make it more and more bothersome to actually use them.

So... For now, you saved my life. Thanks for that and hopefully you stay that awesome~"
Zet (Wolfsburg, Germany) - Pale Moon 24.7.0
"Great browser!

Been using it about 6 months now and I'm delighted so far! Good work to the all the Pale Moon developers and maintenance people.

You've created a fine browser that has replaced Mozilla Firefox for me."
Mike Spottiswood (Canada) - Pale Moon 24.7.0
"Great job, guys.

I'm significantly more productive in Pale Moon than in any browser post-Australisocalypse.

Your time and energy has been well spent. Thanks."
Tom (Perkasie, PA, USA) - Pale Moon 24.6.2
"Being a very happy Netscape to Firefox user from the very beginning, my satisfaction and patience with Firefox v29.0 finally died. Why did they killed such a product with new awful and dead-end-street interface features?
Even Classic-Theme-Restorer did not work as expected.

Pale Moon is now like a miracle. Much faster, less RAM, simpler, ... and all my 40 FF-add-ons are working perfectly."
Joseph Eyberg (Stuttgart, Germany) - Pale Moon 24.6.2
"I am here along with most other people because of Firefox 29.

I did a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04 and good grief - it came with FF29. I did my best to work with it, and installed one addon after another trying to get back the functionality that was lost. Some things I could restore, some things - like back and refresh buttons - were fixed and unchangeable. On top of it, most of my addons had issues with Australis.

These changes were made for NO good reason except to mimic Chrome. Duh - if I wanted to use Chrome I would. I wouldn't need a knock-off.

Reading other people voicing their mutual discontent and recommending Pale Moon lead me to look into it. Lo and behold, there is a Linux version. I installed 24.6.0 on my desktop (Xubuntu 14.04), and 24.6.1 just now on my laptop (Xubuntu 12.04 LTS).

So far, both are running nicely. I wasn't able to use the migration tool - it is Windoze only, so I wound up using FEBE and so far so good. All my addons are working. I am also not seeing the constant stalling when loading web pages that I was seeing with FF 28 & 29. That was driving me freaking nuts.

Pale Moon is like one of the good old early versions of FF - fast and (so far) stable. To the person who maintains this fork of FF and does all the work- my hat's off to you. You've made a lot of people happy with this browser. Sanity, common sense and regard for the user prevails at PaleMoon.org! Thank you!"
Linux Chick (Stroudsburg, PA, USA) - Pale Moon 24.6.1
"Like almost everyone who has left a testimonial, I found myself growing increasingly frustrated with the laggy and jaggedly loading Firefox 29. I couldn't rearrange the reload/stop buttons to where I wanted them and the new look was just bland and unintuitive.

I discovered Pale Moon in a discussion on a forum and decided to try out the 32 bit version. After installing I thought 'ugh great I'm going to have to set up this entire browser from scratch, I can't be bothered' so I uninstalled.

The next day, during another of Firefox 29s painfully long stalls, I decided to have another go with Pale Moon. This time I tried the 64 bit version and used the Pale Moon Migration tool. I could not have been more delighted with the result! All my bookmarks, bookmark toolbars, live bookmarks, add ons, cookies, passwords were transferred perfectly. There was no more setup needed. I felt like such a fool for not using the Migration tool in the first place. So easy!

This is my first day using Pale Moon and I have to say, so far it beats Firefox in speed and ease of use. It's not lightning fast but as other users say, loading websites is a matter of split seconds, as opposed to many seconds with FF 29. I haven't had one slow down or lock up as yet and I feel instantly at home with the well-known interface.

All in all, I could not recommend this enough and will be migrating to Pale Moon on my backup laptop as well as my families machines.

Devs behind Pale Moon, I'd like to give a big thank you! And if possible, buy you a beer!"
Tristan Lancaster (London, UK) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"I, like many others here, was a long time user of Firefox, but the recent update 29 made me lose all hope and patience for Firefox. After finding Pale Moon and trying it for just around 10 minutes, I knew that this was all I was looking for.
If you're also tired of the direction Firefox is taking, but want to use something similar in user experience and UI as earlier versions of Firefox, this is the answer. Pale Moon brings back so many features you might have been missing in recent version of Firefox, and it does so quite well. There have been no problems with Pale Moon yet, used it now for two weeks, and I don't need 10+ plugins just to have it look and feel the way I want it to.

I am currently using the 64-bit version, haven't tried 32-bit and probably won't. So far, every plugin I've tried has worked with the 64-bit version, and no other problems have arisen.

All in all, if Firefox is your browser, but you've grown tired of it for whatever reason, then try Pale Moon.
Highly recommended!"
Gurra P. (Stockholm, Sweden) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"Things like this don't happen in my dreams! Today I was in a state of exasperation with Firefox 29. I had finally restored its interface tolerably using the Classic Theme Restorer, but the tabs were too tall and I could find no way to fix that. That wasn't the end of the world, but in the course of my searching for a fix I saw mention of Pale Moon in a forum post, and downloaded it just for the hell of it, not really expecting anything really worthwhile.

To my surprise, Pale Moon turns out to be just what I've been wanting for yonks, and to my amazement I've now relegated Firefox to the wings and will most likely actually boot it off my computer altogether very soon! Pale Moon has all the great things of Firefox, including all the add-ons that I've found so useful, yet none of the down-sides of all the ghastly 'improvements', and even a promise of nothing like that awkward and confusing Firefox Australis theme, thank goodness!

Also, as a great bonus, I find that Pale Moon loads large or complex pages for me much faster than recent versions of Firefox have been doing. That isn't Internet performance - I've noticed this with my own local copies of my web pages. Some would take about 3 to 5 seconds to load in Firefox, but no more than .25 seconds in Pale Moon. Thank you really greatly, Pale Moon developer - a brilliant piece of work and expression of user-respecting sanity!"
Philip Goddard (Exeter, UK) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"People have forgotten what a web browser is suppose to really do which is to surf the web quickly and without much (if any) fuss.  Everyone started that way initially.  However, as time went by, the browser wars heated up and only "fought-back" among themselves with mostly "candy" additions that either compromised the functional integrity or caused outright system instabilities.

Pale Moon has brought us back to where the web browser belongs...a fast, reliable and simple means to obtaining everything the Web has to offer without the "candy" bloating and adolescent add-on junk most apps today have."
Chris Tocci (Halifax, USA) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"I am so glad to have found Pale Moon.

I was a long time (20yr+) endorser of Firefox and even tolerated their many downgrades until version 29. I knew there had to be something better and this is it.

I highly recommend only using the 32-bit version of any program as it is lighter and faster than 64-bit. This program is no exception. That said, This is our new default browser and we would like to thank the authors."
Jerry Mander (Fox lake, IL, USA) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"I discovered Pale Moon this afternoon, after finally losing my last shred of patience with Firefox. And... [cue angelic choir and radiant beams of light] this is such a thing of beauty I nearly want to weep with wonder and gratitude.

The migration tool migrated everything -- the 31 tabs I had open, my saved user names and passwords, and every one of my extensions, including two that I'd had to disable because of incompatibility with the latest FF.

It just WORKS. And it does it the way I want it to!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your work on this! I'm looking forward to a long and happy relationship with Pale Moon."
Tamara (Seattle, WA, USA) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"After Firefox 29 with their new horrible interface (Australis AKA FireChrome), I was forced to look for alternatives. I had already tried Waterfox but had some bugs, but then I tried Cyberfox but it do not convinced me, I tried Palemoon and I love it!!

Pale Moon has the interface and customization options just as i like, plus is lighter and optimized, but the most important: not looking to become Chrome"
Arturo Gonzales (Mexico D.F., Mexico) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"After the recent Firefox 29 release, I had to find an alternative, and so far Pale Moon looks very promising.
I can't say too much about the code itself or potential new features as I haven't explored them, but the old and loved features are all there, and (it might be placebo, but...) it feels like Pale Moon does the same job slightly faster. I've lost nothing and gained some. This might very well be the best browser available.

Kudos for the "Firefox -> Pale Moon" migration tool as well, it successfully migrated all my bookmarks, settings, cookies, as well as 11/12 add-ons, (The last, incompatible one was an easily replaceable theme), for reference only 9/12 of my add-ons were compatible with the latest release of Firefox."
Blumkrauk (Finland) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"After getting frustrated with each new Firefox release taking away more options and features, I began looking for an alternative browser. After a quick search, I discovered Pale Moon. Not only does it look and feel like classic Firefox, it retains many options and features removed from previous Firefox versions. It even lets me customize the browser how I want it, which is no longer possible in Firefox thanks to Australis. There's even an x64 version, something Mozilla won't provide for Windows users.

I've been a loyal Firefox user since 2004, but thanks to the new direction of Firefox, I had to abandon ship. I used Pale Moon for nearly 18 months, and I'm very satisfied with it. I've also recommended it to my friends and family. Thank you for making an excellent browser, and for not playing "follow-the-leader" with Chrome."
Eric Pimm (Phoenix, AZ, USA) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"I've used Mozilla browsers from the days of K-Meleon, switched to Phoenix, renamed Firebird, renamed Firefox. After so many years, I became disenchanted, unhappy with the Firefox Rapid Release process as well as changes that appear on the surface to be merely for the sake of change.

My thanks to satrow who introduced me to Pale Moon. Based on his introduction, myself and others have happily made the switch to Pale Moon. Following the release of FF 25, I was very happy to have been introduced to Pale Moon. After the "change for the sake of change" release of FF 29.0 today, I'm seeing posts at other forums and in Facebook about others following our example.

So, thank you for all the work you do keeping Pale Moon updated and secure."
Corrine (SecurityGarden) (Upstate NY, USA) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"I use Pale Moon now since version 9 and I never switch back to Firefox.
Since Firefox goes slow and overload with unnecessary features, I look for a other browser and found Pale Moon, which i love!

Pale Moon is faster, more stable, more customizable than Firefox and with the power of the firefox addons, the best browser.

So with Pale Moon i have a optimized, 64Bit, in short... perfect brower.
Thank you, Moonchild!"
Mirko B. (Müncheberg, Germany) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"Switched to The Moon and I've never looked back.

Unbelievably good browser. So quick and it seems weightless.

Pale Moon is my default browser and I am not comfortable on anything else now! Thank you so much!

I appreciate all your hard work!"
Lucy Wain (Birmingham, USA) - Pale Moon 24.5.0
"Really like Pale Moon.

I switched over from Fire-Fox and now run Pale Moon as default.  I even run it in Linux Mint under Wine and it works just fine after I got Flash to run videos.

Byron McCarty (Hillsboro, KS, USA) - Pale Moon 24.4.2
"I actually found this web browser one day with a random web search. I am glad I found it. This browser is much less laggy and pages load so much quicker than my previous browser.

Thank you for making this browser. I like the Firefox interface but not the lag that goes with it. This one is much quicker."
Brandon N. (Grafton, WV, USA) - Pale Moon 24.4.2
"Congratulations, very satisfied with Pale Moon, it is very fast,
and use low resources, comparing with Firefox or Chrome.

I use it on i3 Notebook, 2Gb, and Pale Moon go perfect."
Eduardo A. Perez (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Pale Moon 24.4.2
"Since the latest beta (29) of Firefox finally trashed the tabs-on-bottom feature for good, that Pale Moon still has it has become a killer app for me.

The fact that it's also super-fast is just gravy!"
Greg (Yorktown, VA, USA) - Pale Moon 24.4.1
"I can't thank you enough for providing this refuge from Mozilla (Australis especially) and Chrome.
My biggest (only, actually) complaint is that it took me this long to switch to Pale Moon!

Speed, stability, a *real* customizable UI, add-on compatibility...what's not to love?!

I am now looking forward to some enjoyable and productive browsing. Thank you Pale Moon!"
Brian (Chicago, IL, USA) - Pale Moon 24.4.1
"This browser is way faster and more responsive than Firefox.

It's like the best features of Firefox have been chosen and optimized, to give this software a big boost of speed and stability.

Way to go! My thumbs-up. ;)"
Laur Florin (Bucharest, Romania) - Pale Moon 24.4.0
"User of Pale Moon on desktop and laptop with both Windows and Linux for 3 years.

Thanks so much for your policy of retaining the traditional status bar on updates.

Firefox has become so annoying and intrusive with their upgrades they've become another Google, so I've removed their new versions from my computers and use Pale Moon and Waterfox instead. I'm happy to continue supporting this so useful browser."
Claudia Chuba (Yuma, AZ, USA) - Pale Moon 24.3.2
"I have been a regular user of Pale Moon on my netbook and only recently I heard about an Atom optimized build which I installed today.

To be honest I wasn't expecting much if any improvement as I have tried optimized Firefox builds before with little noticeable difference.

I am so impressed that I had to leave feedback, on image heavy sites I usually get a lot of lag and jerky scrolling but with this Atom build the difference in performance is incredible, it is like a processor upgrade!

Thank you for the great work."
Brandon (Napier, NZ) - Pale Moon 24.3.1-Atom
"Being a Firefox fan fore many years since version 3.6, I Have always liked the options and many extensions Firefox has. After upgrading to the new 26.0 version I was very disappointed: first, the start up time was very slow, plus the old download manager box was gone.

Then I discovered Pale Moon 24.2.2 -- instantly I was very impressed: the start up time was a great improvement as well as the old Download manager box was still implemented.

I can honestly say this is the best browser out there at the moment.

Jason Hewkins (Liverpool, UK) - Pale Moon 24.2.2
"I have used The Moon for about 5 days now...five glorious days of lovely hassle free surfing!

It's a miracle, I know, but, By Jove, I think you got it!! I love this browser and I have been a devout Firefox girl for years. There was nothing out there that could tempt or sway me...till you came along and I'll never let you go!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Everybody gotta love The Moon!"
Lucy Wain (Alabaster, USA) - Pale Moon 24.2.1
"I've been a devout Firefox user ever since version 3, however after that Mozilla seemed to start going in the wrong direction with Firefox. The missing progress bar, moved tabs, and the way all of the button placements are scattered around really brought the browser down. Pale Moon is everything I would want to have in a browser, it's visual UI is slick and easy to use, and reminds me a lot of Firefox 3.

The performance of the browser is great as well, especially considering that there is a x64 version of the browser available. I am currently using the x64 version of Pale Moon, and I will never switch browsers again.

Pale Moon is Firefox done right!"
Ryan (Ann Arbor, MI, USA) - Pale Moon 24.1.2
"Pale Moon is awesome!

I don't think I'm going back to Firefox. Your choices of what to leave out from original code couldn't have been better.

I am a Firefox user originally who had to switch to Chrome due to system crashes caused by display driver conflicts. I tried Palemoon during my attempt to go back, but it had the same problem, but once I found out the solution, (even to my surprise) my choice was Pale Moon over Firefox.

Thank you for developing it."
Mr. Rajat (New Delhi, India) - Pale Moon 24.1.1
"Have used Pale Moon (among many others) since it was released.
No doubt it, is the very best. Use it daily."
Daniel (Placentia, CA, USA) - Pale Moon 24.0.2
"As a heavy Firefox user I never felt comfortable using another browser, until I met Pale Moon.

Pale Moon has what I need:

- A Firefox Based Browser
- Faster than the normal Firefox
- Easy to migrate profiles
- 64-bit

After 3 days of using Pale Moon I can't see myself going back to the standard Firefox.

The Moon may be Pale but I'm all red full of love with this browser."
Jonathan (Malta) - Pale Moon 24.0

I now have something like the Firefox that I loved — before they ruined it — but better!  I'm so grateful that I can hide the stupid tab thing because, when your eyes are as old as mine are getting, you need all the screen area you can whilst retaining the menu and nav bars.  Give me an actual window any day! 

Also I love that it can import my hundreds of F/fox bookmarks.

Absolutely loving Pale Moon and I simply wanted to say thank you!  Great job!  :-)"
Mr. Sandy Burnett (Saskatchewan, Canada) - Pale Moon 24.0.2
"I've been a Firefox user ever since FX 2.x, running on Win XP with an old Duron CPU ...

I've switched to a new computer, Windows 7, and curious to find out what a browser of the Firefox family could bring to my new configuration, I installed Pale Moon 24.0.1 64-bit yesterday (2013-09-24).

Fabulous. I've made it my default browser."
Daniel LeBrun (Tours, France) - Pale Moon 24.0.1
"Thank you, Pale Moon team.

This browser is WAY ahead of anything mainstream browsers offer, native 64bit, processor/memory individualized optimization, MACHINE CODE programming, and more.

THIS BROWSER ROCKS HARD, it's like fishing with a grenade."
Taivo Tobreluts (Viljandi, Estonia) - Pale Moon 24.0
"I was looking for a browser that I wouldn't load up with a lot of crap (only bookmarks on bar), no tool bars, etc. and had a bit of the pedigree of the once fine Firefox before amphetamines were their candy of choice and they started putting out a update every other day. 

I wanted it for speed and one that didn't crash with each click.  So I found Pale Moon.  Nice but nothing fancy, i.e.: just right.  Fast and little, if any, crashes. 

So I got curious, scraped a little paint off its simple exterior and guess what I found. A Ferrari, red of course.  Sweet."
Richard (Cynthiana, KY, USA) - Pale Moon 20.2.1
"I've been using this browser for a few weeks now, and I have to say it's quite stable. The difference in memory use from the original mozilla builds is quite remarkable, although processor use is almost double that of Mozilla.
I've used every mozilla build possible:
Aurora, Nightly, Waterfox, Firefox, and even the IceDragon supplied by Comodo.
I used Nightly a lot, because it was 64 bit, but after getting a serious crash and not being able to make it work again even after a complete uninstall and fresh reinstall, i had to let it go. I wanted to come back to it but since Mozilla dropped support for 64-bit i didn't.
Aurora seemed a bit of the same.

Firefox got heavier and heavier and IceDragon is just a resource hog and it lags a lot. I don't know what security improvements and or add-ons are there but it's way too heavy on resources.
I had waterfox for a few weeks than i started to experience crashes more often than firefox so I uninstalled that too.

Pale Moon seems to do the job right, it has everything Firefox does, it's lighter on resources, it's a smaller package, a bit faster and doesn't take so much RAM away from me. I didn't get any crash from this so far and I've used it for almost everything.

Although other browsers score higher on reviews, few people actually know that even though Firefox is slower it displays the pages a lot more accurately than the others, doesn't mess up text or pictures or java/ flash and so on. I'm glad to realize that Pale Moon retains that from Firefox.

I like the fact that it's a 64 bit version, i also like the fact that it's under development and i can rely on it to grow and be faster and even more optimized and I hope to see tests that completely crush the competition. Other than processor improvements I'd also like to see optimizations for graphics cards. and other visual aids like the progress bar from safari while loading a page and so on.
I'm going to keep using it untill something goes terribly wrong but by the looks of things the packages are smaller and the browser is faster and memory footprint is kept under control."
Adrian S. (Targoviste, Romania) - Pale Moon 20.2
"Just wanted to say a big THANK-YOU for all the work you put into building Pale Moon and now maintaining it. I've been using it for a couple years since discovering it through Lifehacker article (I think) and have been satisfied with its speed, RAM usage, and feature list. I especially appreciate how you remove some of Firefox's most annoying features that people don't want, as well as your comments on UI design and the placement of the address and bookmarks bars.

Please keep up the good work, and thank-you again."
Steven (Scottsdale, AZ, USA) - Pale Moon 20.2
"So far so good. No memory leaks, crashes or breakages..

Quite surprised actually.

I have no idea what you did, but well done."
Scott (Düsseldorf, Germany & London, UK) - Pale Moon 20.1
"I started using Pale Moon two months ago.  I have several windows open and several tabs per window. 

With a 6X AMD 3.2 chip and 8 Gb of memory.. why not x64 bit.

I was running Firefox on my home PC (same situation there) but tried WaterFox.  After a day, the tab pages started to go black. So here I am with Pale Moon x64 on my home PC.  It's eating 380Mb of memory, but I'm only using 24%. So go figure. 

It's quick, works fine on my office PC that is on 24/7 and I only reboot Friday afternoons before I go home."
Mike Butkus (Hunterdon County, NJ, USA) - Pale Moon 20.1

At long last a browser that is stable, easy to use and intuitive.  I love the looks, the clean interface, the ease of navigation and everything about it.  Pale Moon - which, by-the-way, is a very cool name - is everything that Internet Explorer is not. As a matter of fact, I like Pale Moon better than Chrome, Firefox or Safari and have made it my default browser.
I look forward to a long and productive relationship with this wonderful browser."
MCRuppe (Bloomington, USA) - Pale Moon 20.0.1
"I have been a long time user (v3.0) of Pale Moon, and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of work you folks must put into this project. Words alone cannot be enough to express my gratitude for making the best damned browser available and better yet, free. My job requires that I spend a lot of time on the internet doing research for projects, searching for solutions, etc., and I cannot imagine the times before I discovered Pale Moon doing all that I have to do on the web.

I have donated to the project a few times because I feel compelled, in some small way, to compensate you wonderful folks who make this thing so efficient, fast and enjoyable. I know I sound like a broken record, but thanks again for all of your hard work. V20.x.x looks like a winner yet again."
CheezeFlavor (Twin Cities, MN, USA) - Pale Moon 20.0.1
"A big thank you for developing the Pale Moon project!

I'm a retiree, and my PC should have been retired before me! Pale Moon enables it with its whoopin 247 MB of RAM to actually speed along at a acceptable rate. [...] Pale Moon works in 128 MB of RAM, nearly a third of the memory Firefox requires? That's what I don't get: Firefox uses more memory, requires 512 MB of RAM, even more than that monster Google Chrome?

Again, Thanks guys."
Dick Cherry (St. George, Utah, USA) - Pale Moon 15.4.1
"Best browser for Windows OS

I was a firefox user for many years and decided to test other browser.
From all the Firefox custom-build that i have tested, the Pale Moon was the best of all no doubt.

I recommend Pale Moon to all my buddies, friends and classmates.
Very good Project... Take my donation and do a good job guys."
Luiz Alexandre Lima (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - Pale Moon 15.3.2
I had given up on finding fast browsers."
E. McDowell (Matthews, NC, USA) - Pale Moon 15.3.2
"I was trolling around the web out of curiosity because there aren't just four or five browsers out there, there is a whole profusion and CONfusion of browsers, and reading about them only made me more confused.

It was during this random knocking about that I discovered Pale Moon. That it is a modification of Firefox was reassuring, so I tried it. It isn't perfect; it hangs or is slow occasionally, but compared to other browsers -- ESPECIALLY on Vista and 7 -- it is so fast, stable and nimble that using it is a real pleasure, and that's saying something these days, when using desktop computers is becoming way less fun and way more of an ordeal than it used to be.

I've switched over to PM almost exclusively except when Firefox has something that just won't run on PM or when a website requires IE."
I.J. Davidson (Oklahoma City, OK, USA) - Pale Moon 15.3.2
"Ever better with each update! 

I now use 11.0.1 on my desktop dual  Vista/PCLinuxOS, plus on an old HP laptop with either PCLOS Zen Mini or Saline OS (thru Linux's WINE).  So light-footed, fast and trouble free. 
This developer has taken great pains to do this thing right and I'm pleased to send my second contribution this year in gratitude.

Thanks, Moonchild team!"
Claudia Chuba (Yuma, AZ, USA) - Pale Moon 11.0.1
"Over the past few weeks I've been trying different browsers and builds, since moving my computing needs over to a netbook/tablet. I'm currently running Win 7 HP on a Lenovo S10-3T, with a limited N455 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB of ram. In addition to this, I even have a 4GB SDHC card dedicated only to Readyboost.

I've tried everything from the lighter IE9, builds of Chrome and Chromium (including Rockmelt) to Opera and browsers with a lower market share such as Avant, in search of something powerful enough, but light enough for my computing needs. I needed something that didn't hog both CPU and RAM resources, which is why I've stayed away from the Firefox builds. After reading many reviews and conducting many searches, I lucked out and came across Pale Moon, my blessing in disguise.

This browser is definitely in tune with Windows and is very light on resource usage. I'm currently running v9.2 with at least 10 addons in the background (including, but not limited to yoono, 365scores, Forecastfox, etc.). Under normal usage on my configuration, resource usage for RAM increases to around 100-150MB, CPU load is barely noticeable as well. This is running an average of 4-5 tabs open at once, since I like to search topics and open multiple tabs before I view them. Out of curiosity, I even opened up a youtube tab and hulu tab to see if I could 'bog down' my system. To my surprise, it kept chugging along, with real usability.

This browser is definitely awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for power and real functionality, but at the same time something light enough to be barely noticed in the background. My kudos go out to the developer of this browser and his hard work in his free time is definitely appreciated by this user!"
Matt McCaskey (Atlanta, GA, USA) - Pale Moon 9.2
"This has to be the fastest browser I've yet to see. I love the fact it's Firefox as Firefox has always been my favorite due to customization, this however, runs circles around every browser I've seen. It actually makes me want to be on windows.

I LOVE it.

Thank you. :)"
Anthony Burkett (Aurora, USA) - Pale Moon 9.2
"After being a long-time user of Firefox, and wishing it would be more efficient, less resource intensive and generally less cantankerous, I have found that exact Mozilla based browser in Pale Moon.

For the last couple of years, it has been my browser of choice. I appreciate the efforts of all of the developers on this project and everyone that has helped create it.

Other than an occasional hiccup, not at all unusual for any browser, and most brought upon by my own experimentation, it has been a rock solid performer.

Steve S. (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
"Simply the best browser on Internet!
Nothing of useless features, JUST what you need. I have tested a lot of browsers, lots of hours testing all of them: Chrome, IE, Opera... all of them with a LOT of features... most of them useless...

This Browser is really what I need: Speed & Productivity all of the time!"
Richard Araya (Zarcero, Costa Rica)
"Pale Moon is a lean mean fast machine. I am totally happy with the performance of this browser.

Recently, I had an issue and reported it to Pale Moon and within and hour I had a response from Pale Moon with the solution to my problem. This browser is not only a great browser but, support is top notch also. If you don't find your answer in the troubleshooting guide or on the forum then you can report your issue and be assured of a prompt response.

Thanks, Pale Moon, for this great browser."
John G. (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
"That's the way Firefox should be.

They removed some very annoying UI changes of Fx 4 (for instance, the "addon bar" remains the "status bar", without that big X button that removes it whenever you accidentally click it, and still aligned to the right) and some CPU consuming useless features.
As far as I tested (SunSpider and Peacekeeper), it's respectively around 2.5 and 10% faster than Fx. Startup, which is my major issue with Firefox (other speed tests don't really matter for real life use), feels quite faster too.

Long story short: with it I can use all the add-ons that render Firefox indispensable to me, but with improved performance."
David (Paris, France)
"I have used every browser that I know of for windows, but Pale Moon beats them all. 

I love this simple little browser.

I've not experienced one problem with it.  Everything performs beautifully.

I use Pale Moon exclusively for watching programs and movies online and it never crashes; unlike Firefox.  Firefox has gotten to the point that it will freeze, crash, nor will it allow use of pop-outs on DIVX players.  It's a real headache.

I have not experienced any of those issues with Pale Moon.

Thank you for sharing it with the internet community.

>From an eternally grateful fan."
Debra Normand (Memphis, USA)
"Fast, efficient and fully compatible.  What more can I say?"
James Carey (Columbus, GA, USA)
"Just wanted to let you know that I have made Pale Moon my default browser! 

My company uses several ERP applications such as Oracle Applications.  And everything is so much faster and more efficient when working from Pale Moon.  I just wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts and forward thinking. 

Perhaps you are already aware, but you have really set the standard for what a browser needs to be within a corporate environment.

Keep up the good work!"
Matthew Laptad (Herndon, VA, USA)
"Having a very good i7 laptop and 8GB of RAM I didn't think there would be a browser which would improve on speed. Boy was I wrong! Lightning quick to open, and loads up websites with impressive speed.

If you love surfing the web then you should download Pale Moon today, you won't go back!"
Peter-John Radcliffe (Farham, UK)
"It's a cliché but... Palemoon put the fun back in surfing.
I struggled for the longest time with older versions of Firefox after it started getting bloated and unresponsive (Ver 4+) but this is it.
Perfectly seamless migration from Firefox just added to my appreciation.
Great stuff!"
Göran Ingvarsson (Kristianstad, Sweden)
"I have been using Firefox for a while now, migrated from IE. It is a really good browser and highly customizable. However, with one drawback: high memory consumption which seriously impacts its functionality.

I came across Pale Moon and have been using it for a few days, have customized it and I am impressed with what you have done, it uses less system resources than Firefox 5 and is generally snappier in use. In particular, whilst still not perfect, it consumes much less system memory, I commend the reintroduction of the Status Bar which should never have been removed by FF in the first place, and the various other tweaks you have made make it more functional in use.
Please continue your efforts with Pale Moon with emphasis on optimizing memory issues in future updates.

I will be using Pale Moon as my main browser from now on.

Keep up the good work."
Stephen May (Sevilla, Spain)
"I have used several browsers over the past decade-plus of web surfing I have done.  I have always preferred Gecko based browsers but was growing disenchanted with Firefox, as it was slowing down and having other issues which thankfully were mostly resolved in version 5.  I had heard of Pale Moon but had never given it a try until now.

As another reviewer stated: "a browser is a browser or so I thought until I tried Pale Moon".  I could not believe the difference in speed, stability, and overall performance with Pale Moon.  What makes this possible is removing the unnecessary code that bloats Firefox's multi-platform model.

Pale Moon has become my default browser and I look forward to future releases - I would be crazy not to use it, since it integrates into Windows better than Firefox and has less bloat.  It appears the memory leak issue that has plagued Firefox for a long time may have been addressed with Pale Moon!  Kudos!

Besides, it also has a really cool program icon from my perspective!  ;)"
Jeff (Stanwood, USA)
"I often test new software, browsers, etc.

I more or less just stumbled onto this "Pale Moon" browser and it caught my eye, so thought to myself "Hey, I'll give it a whirl round the web." Firefox is my browser of choice anyways, and I have tested loads of different builds, so I downloaded and set up this great looking Pale moon browser and have now been using it for near to a week.

Please believe me when i say "Hand on heart, this is the most well thought out, fantastically smooth, featured packed, fast as hell, brilliant build of any kind I've ever used!" :)

I wont tell you about the awsome tools it has built into it... I'll let you discover them for yourself; but I'll just say WOW and Hats off to the creator: you have in me a Pale moon convert and I'm 100% impressed and am looking forward to more future builds.

Thankyou very much for this tool."
Markus Moto (Birmingham, U.K.)
"I gave Pale Moon a shot when I saw it was on x64 flavour, but now I can't do without it - it's fast, stable, awesome and works just out of the box.
For me, it's a masterpiece of browsing software and I'm already spreading the word about it.
The author has outdone himself with this nice program"
Luis (Granada, Spain)
They can't touch this!
"Just installed the Pale Moon Browser. And, I must say, it's like manna from heaven. The migration tool is right on time. Perfect!!!
I started browsing the web and almost immediately I noticed the very impressive speed this little baby has. I mean simply amazing. This is an excellent product, worthy of all the adorations any slick browser should have.  I'm quite sure it'll knock the socks off of any other browsers in the wild.  It'll smoke 'em. Hands down!!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for this most impressive piece of work. I'll be sure to spread the news.

The Pale Moon Browser is the MC Hammer of all browsers. 'They all can't touch this!' "
John (Philadelphia, USA)
"I love palemoon.
I know this browser from a forum in my country (Indonesia). I tried it because I really hate that my Mozilla keeps crashing all the time and always ruins my day...
After I try palemoon, awesome... First, I am impressed with its speed, faster than all other browsers out there, and after I used it for a long time, I feel satisfied for its stable engine.
Now, I never use any browser except Pale Moon because I had enough trouble before, and Pale Moon can cure my headache... :P"
Aga (Jakarta, Indonesia)
"I run a website and hence live in my browser even more than most do nowadays. I often had to deal with slow load times, crashes and just sluggish performance.
Since I have switched to Pale Moon all those problems have gone bye-bye. I can now get the news up in seconds of release and can confidently set up an upload knowing that my browser wont crash.

Pale Moon, thanks for removing one of the most common headaches I deal with daily."
Conor Hughes (Dublin, Ireland)
You got a five-star hit on your hands
"The moment I stumbled on to the homepage, it seemed too good to be true so I decided to prove to myself why this wouldn't be the browser for me.

I downloaded, installed and browsed with it. It performed well and I found myself begrudgingly impressed as I am most browser-jaded. I imported my bookmarks from an HTML file before I realized I was enjoying myself. So I decided to drive it harder.
I opened tab after tab, all graphics and/or flash heavy, and it didn't even hiccup. So I left them open while I downloaded a few PDF and video files. I think there may have been a few seconds pause on tab number eleven when I went to view it so, of course, I had to check for updates to add-ons as well. That'll crash it, right? Wrong.

Surely, it was luck, so I did this several times over a period of a few days, becoming more and more demanding, until I thought I'd run this browser into the ground. I did this while using other resource-heavy applications at the same time. I really wanted to see what it would take to get it to freeze or crash.

Well, I got news for you, I have no idea what it will take to down this browser. I'm worn from driving this thing at 200 mph down the internet highway and the only comment I can give you is that this is how a browser should drive with Gecko as the engine powering it.

Pale Moon is a smart, fast and good-looking lightweight browser that uses fewer resources and delivers each time."
Gen (Sonoma, California, USA)
"Having dealt with hit and miss web browsing - lots of session recovery and such - I have to say, Pale Moon feels more stable and quicker. It hasn't broken where the other browsers have in the past would (Java, Flash and JScript).

I can run alot of Flash and JScript and I don't get the session failures that Chrome, IE & Firefox give me for the same content. Sure they would recover, but I don't do that anymore with Pale Moon - hell of a great browser!

I give it five stars!"
Keith Neilson (Thatcher, Utah, USA)
"A major thanks to Moonchild for such labor intensive work in only making better one of the best browsers in my opinion, especially when receiving limited help and code assistance from the firefox team.

I know how hard having your own baby project is to keep up with along with everything else in a normal life not including fixing all the mess-ups mozilla does with all of their new releases.
It's great to have an optimized and debugged version of software released at the same time as the "official" software.

Many thanks again and you are greatly appreciated and referred to everyone I know always."
Tophkr (Jacksonville, USA)
"Some guy asked me what i think about Pale Moon.
I was already a Firefox user so i imediatly downloaded.
I noticed the speed and the page-loading increased and now i am a Pale Moon user.

Excelent work with the migration tool also."
Paun Traian (Focsani, Romania)
"Heard about Palemoon in forums et al. Just got curious and downloaded the appropriate version (AMD Athlon). And boy, it just flew right from double clicking the Setup file itself. See, your belief can influence your binaries also!

Terrific job guys! Just keep it up.

And thanks a ton."
Mumtaz Ansari (India)
"I tried and tested many browsers in the last few months (mostly in portable form) for my ordinary laptop. And this one was surprise. Fast, ok. It is. But stability?... I have seen that in first 15 min. of browsing (my laptop is a slower machine and this browser is an ideal partner).
Overall, I am very, very satisfied and wish you to go on.
All the best."
Danko Zivkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
"I have been a Firefox user for many years, up to and including trying out all the FF4 betas, up to beta 6, with each one getting slower and having more problems than the previous one to the point of utter frustration, and removing them and going back to FF3.6.11.

A month or so ago I happened upon Pale Moon, and thought I'd give it a try.  Well, there's no looking back now.  It is noticeably faster than FF3.6.11, doing everything that I use a browser for, with fast page opening etc., no freeze ups so far, and if it's possible, Pale Moon 3.6.11 seems slightly faster than Pale Moon 3.6.9.

Excellent job, keep up the good work!"
Charlie Anderson (Canada)
"Let me just say that I LOVE PALEMOON!
I dumped Opera and Firefox in favor of your browser. I had been using Firefox as my main browser for over 4 years, and naturally I had it customized *exactly* how I liked it. I was a bit worried when I first switched to Palemoon; what would happen to all my settings, plug-ins, bookmarks? What about my Persona (aka 'skin')? Well, importing my Firefox profile (bookmarks, preferences, plug-ins, etc) could not have been easier. Keep up the good work!"
David Buckman (Reno, USA)
"I didn't really believe it would be any good - but how wrong could I be? It loads very, very quickly, displays pages in an astonishingly short time, does everything I want it to do and shuts down and releases memory quickly as well. EVERYBODY should try it !"
Gordon (U.K.)
"I did believe that nothing could be better than FireFox, I've using it since old good Mozilla times. What a surprise was to see that even FireFox can be optimized so much more! Daily, I surf with Ad Block Plus, Flashgot, Tidy and a ton of plugins that slows my FireFox. But Palemoon helps to cut-off the payload in speed and performance when add-ons work, so I have better response from the browser. For my needs, this is the best of both worlds in a single bundle."
Gerardo Rubio (Mexico City, Mexico)
"Impressive! The third version I've run on my flakey Sempron 3100+, and PaleMoon continues to shine. Unlike other browsers, PM has not crashed my system, crashed itself, or failed to load a page."

All up, a worthy addition to the FF based lineup that has earned PM its place as my new default browser. I look forward to even better browsing with new PM versions once FF updates its code.
Colin (Greenbank, Australia)
"I used Opera for years and only Palemoon could make me change my mind. It is excellent, safe and very fast.

These days I use Opera 10.50 and... Palemoon remains somewhat faster in the burden of most pages, plus other benefits."
Joragoca (Argentina)
"I must say that I love this browser - I install it to all my clients (I repair PCs) and then add an Internet Explorer theme to it (to ease the learning curve) and they always ask me, "What did you do? My computer is a lot faster! Thank you!"
I like that part because firefox is already a lot faster than Internet Explorer and if you add the optimizations of this project for my clients, it is like I installed a faster CPU more RAM and faster hard disk."
Guillermo Siliceo (Mexico)
"On benchmarking fully patched to latest version browsers in random orders, it's consistantly around five times faster than IE8 and its derivatives, and 2-4 times faster than Opera.

Perhaps not so clear, with my erratic connection, was benchmarking against its parent Firefox; but in actual use Pale Moon showed a clean pair of heels. Startup is faster, and it easily handles pages like my bank login that Firefox simply wont touch."
K (Brisbane, Australia)
"Possibly the best browser, it's purely awesome :D

Can have my usual 500+ tabs, no problems. Firefox decided to become a CPU intensive app after the 470 tab mark."
Kel Dunningham (Australia)
Firefox Improved
"While I haven't actually run tests on it I would say that appears to be a bit faster than your ordinary Firefox build.
It also uses slightly less memory.
I was also surprised to discover that no configuration is necessary. All your Firefox plug-ins, Bookmarks, Etc are automatically up and running with everything working correctly.
In short, it is an improvement over the ordinary Firefox build."
Ian (over at Freewarefiles)
5 stars
"Have been a Firefox addict for years but had been very disappointed with the latest version as it would just not integrate with my ISP's SlipStream accelerator. Was about to go back to v 3.5 when I found Palemoon and decided to give that a go as it might be even better. Sure enough, it is without a doubt the very best Firefox I have come across. Really noticeable difference in speed, specially with poor quality rural dial up connections. It's everything a browser should be."
Linda (over at Softpedia)
"This is a truly amazing speed boost and very stable."
Ron Arnone
"Somehow after trialling a parallel install, Palemoon actually fixed a long standing problem Firefox had suffered from with some Neopets games. Not sure how it did that, but the 'fix' remained after temporarily removing Palemoon 'just to see'. It even pulls ahead of Chrome when one has to navigate through several intensive pages."
The Black Maned One (Queensland, Australia)
"I'm satisfied how smooth it works. Better than original FFox definitely.

Keep up the good work, mates!"
Sasha Kostic (Serbia)
"Its really lightweight and quick responding compared to Firefox. Gone are the days when my 512MB laptop used to hang / freeze for a minute everytime when I clicked on 'browse' for adding attachment to emails! Or even in the downthemall add-on, when you add multiple files for download, Firefox will freeze for a few moments. Gone are those problems. This Palemoon is really quick responding, no lagging, no freezing, no delay in start-up time. And with noscript and 'adblock plus' addons, this is a killer browser with superfast jet speed. I recommend it to everyone!

And I appreciate & admire the software developers and pray for their long and healthy life- so that they can continue making more such lovely softwares."
Mrunal Patel (India)
"I just wanted to send a sincere thank you for the work, time and effort you've given the community. I've been teeter tottering back and forth between Chrome/Firefox and with the changes in gecko I was happy with the real world numbers versus webkit.

That being said.. after 24hrs of testing.. Pale Moon has swept my feet out from under me in love. The functionality of the (imo) superior Firefox extension set and the speed of Chrome. I couldn't be happier.
I will be doing your word of mouth campaign as best I can."
Vincent Marziale (USA)
"Tried using Palemoon (3.6.3) with huge extension list (about 70) and Russian locale, on two WinXP SP2 systems.
It seems that all works fine (at least all that I use in everyday tasks), and the promised speed gain is for real, I see it.
Recommended Palemoon to my friends on Livejournal social network.
There was one problem with Russian chars in extension pop-up notification, but that is very minor for me.
Thanks for your work!"
Roman ShaRP (Ukraine)
"I am a security analyst by trade and have been a die hard user of Firefox.......till now!

Pale Moon browser is a breath of fresh air and exciting software to use. Its speed is superior to Firefox which is a plus. Hats off to The Pale Moon Project and its developers great job done! 

I'm staying with Pale Moon and not looking back"
Tony Rogers (USA)
"Wouldn't use Firefox if some one paid me, but this variation of it is sweet. I'm only calling it that right here for descriptive purposes, otherwise Palemoon IS NOT Firefox at all.

None of the phoning home just from the default bookmarks that Firefox includes.

The basic tweaks in about:config are already done, so I don't have to do that first thing. Can't believe the people over at Mozilla are too braindead to do that to Firefox, by default.

Firefox has been known since its inception to have memory leaks that they still haven't been fixed. None of that in Palemoon.

Don't have much use for addons like so many people do. Stupid, IMO. I do use adblockplus and flashblock is all.

Like I said, wouldn't touch Firefox with a 10 foot pole, but have Palemoon on all 6 systems of mine.

Keep rockin' people!!"
honorable1nut (USA)
"I have used all the major internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and without a doubt, Palemoon rises above all of these. Imagine the customization of Firefox, powered by speed rivaling Chrome and handling pages with extreme ease; Low RAM and low CPU usage as well. This will be a browser I will be using for years."
Chris (U.K.)
"Clearly a much better improvement in speed compared to regular firefox. I have a gaming computer and a really slow netbook and can notice a huge speed jump on both of them. At work I'm usually on my slow netbook and firefox gets really slow when I have 4 or more tabs open. Now with PM I can have 10, even 20 tabs open and PM still works flawlessly. PM is now my ONLY browser and its here to stay."
Eric Jakeway (USA)
"I love it. I love it. I love it.

I had been in browser limbo for a long while after quitting Firefox the first time.  I liked Firefox, but it was just too slow and bloated.  It'd constantly crash and eat up system resources.

I tried Chrome, Opera, Safari, even – god help me – I.E., but none of them individually were as customizable, efficient, stable, and speedy as Pale Moon. This browser is my lifemate."
John (USA)
"I have been using Firefox since version 1.
A friend of mine introduced me to Pale Moon and I tried it out.
I noticed the performance difference immediately. Very fast on Windows 7 and my dual core.
Would recommend to anyone with a decent PC."
Joe (U.K.)
"I usually don't give feedback.
After all, you expect a program to do its job. And a browser is a browser, right?


I was a Firefox user from when it was called Phoenix. I used it for years, custom builds and all. I even made my own builds.
But then Google Chrome came out, and it beat FF speed-wise hands down. I switched, and started playing with Chromium (the open source version of Chrome, for those who don't know).
The other day, I somehow stumbled upon Pale Moon while looking for Chromium tweaks and decided to try it out. I was blown away. Not only does Pale Moon do everything it promises, it does it exceptionally well.
All the benefits of Firefox and its addons and themes, plus so much more. The difference in speed between Chrome/Chromium and Pale Moon on my machine is glaringly noticeable.

Pale Moon has managed to convert me back to Firefox in 2 days. I commend you on this most excellent build.

Keep up the great work!"
Chris (USA)
"Lovely browser.
Fast to download, easy to install and a perfect migration of my FF profile. 
No tests run, but it seems at least 20% faster.  Great, thanks!"
Kit Thompson (France)
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