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Pale Moon Portable 26.5.0

You can now take Pale Moon anywhere with you!

You've enjoyed Pale Moon at home, or at the office. You've wondered if you could use it elsewhere: in a library, on a public computer, in a cybercafé... You need something portable, that is as simple as plugging in your USB stick and running your favorite browser, with all your bookmarks and passwords at your fingertips? Then here is the answer: Pale Moon Portable!
Following the trend of other browsers, a portable installation has been created, which, thanks to winPenPack's X-launcher that the portable launcher is based on, is completely self-contained. Nothing is stored on the host computer; your bookmarks, passwords, history, downloads, etc. stay neatly where they belong: on your stick.

Note: these portables are not meant to have file/URL associations or integration with the desktop. Their settings cater specifically to use on multiple hosts, run from removable media.

If you require desktop integration of any kind (including pinned taskbar entries, launching a mail application from mailto: links, remembering default download locations, etc.), it is recommended that you do not use Pale Moon Portable, but the normal desktop version instead! Pale Moon portable has been specifically designed to take with you on removable media with high wear and slow access, and its default settings reflect this. Using it on a stationary computer has a number of drawbacks and is not recommended.

How do I use this?

Three simple steps:
  1. Download the Pale Moon Portable file (below)
  2. Extract the contents of the file to your USB stick in a folder of your choice:
    Run the .EXE file and tell it where to unpack
  3. Run palemoon-portable.exe (not palemoon.exe) in the location you unpacked to
That's it! Simple enough?
The first time you run Pale Moon Portable, it may take a fairly long time to load, because it creates a new personal profile on your USB stick for you. This can take some time, also depending on the speed of your stick - up to 30 seconds, usually. After that, it will be much faster to start.

Of course, you don't have to use a USB stick; any writable medium would work: External harddisk, a networked drive, even an MP3 player if it allows you to access it as a drive in Windows.
Do note however that Pale Moon Portable doesn't run from read-only media like CD-ROM or DVD-ROM; it needs write access to the location it is run from.

Download links:

Pale Moon portable is available for Windows only at this time.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed to redistribute the portable if you have made ANY changes to the archive! You are ONLY allowed to redistribute the binary package if it's completely unaltered! For any other redistribution of the binaries with the Pale Moon name and logo, e.g. with added extensions, languages, plugins, tools, etc., you MUST get permission beforehand. Full details in the redistribution license.

Currently there are no "multi-language" or foreign language versions of Pale Moon Portable that are endorsed, and any "multi-language" or foreign language portable versions of Pale Moon are therefore illegal redistributions. Please discourage anyone from promoting or redistributing or downloading these versions.
Please check the list of contributed builds to know if they are officially endorsed.

Download Pale Moon Portable x86 (32-bit):

File size is approximately 21 MB (EXE):
SHA-256: 0d116ac9b0fac6919a0e760298db159067be27ba3d76239257fb6ad1bdd280dc
GPG/PGP Signature: [Sig]
PAD: [link]

Download Pale Moon Portable x64 (64-bit):

64-bit version of the launcher and browser for 64-bit Windows (Vista x64 or later). Keep in mind that the same restrictions apply to this as to the desktop 64-bit version with regard to availability of media plug-ins, etc.
File size is approximately 24 MB (EXE):
SHA-256: 9806a3b2bb5126748b39c47a9ec86d65627cfc9cf4437552cf8cfecd5c41eac4
GPG/PGP Signature: [Sig]
PAD: [link]

Download Pale Moon Portable Atom/WinXP (32-bit):

Atom-optimized and Windows XP compatible version of the browser designed for portable use on netbooks and similar.
File size is approximately 19 MB (EXE):
SHA-256: 24091ffa4377144f065279cf9655886e343df055e0d3564c9a0ed6afbfd88c26
GPG/PGP Signature: [Sig]
PAD: [link]

I already have an earlier version of palemoon-portable. How do I upgrade?

Recommended method:
  1. Download and extract the portable version of your choice to an empty folder.
  2. Copy the "user" folder from your old installation over to your new one.
  3. Optionally, if you have created a user.ini file for the portable, also copy this file to the new folder, or duplicate any changes you have made to the old .ini file.
  4. Test if everything is OK, and if so, delete the old installation folder.


Since Pale Moon Portable comes in a "virgin" state, you can also simply download and overwrite an existing Pale Moon Portable folder with the files from a newer version. Your user profile will remain untouched as it doesn't exist in a freshly extracted Pale Moon Portable.

Important: If you have made changes to palemoon-portable.ini yourself, you will have to make these changes again as the .ini file will be overwritten. The solution is to save this file as "user.ini" which will take precedence over palemoon-portable.ini if found by the launcher.

Note on using Pale Moon's internal updater: NOT RECOMMENDED! You can also use "Check for updates" in Pale Moon Portable itself, but this will only update the browser, not the portable shell. On occasion (infrequently) some changes are made to the shell to provide improvements or updates. You will not get these changes if you use the internal updater, and this -may- cause problems or inconsistencies with documentation. Before you ask for support for an issue, always first try to use the full portable package if you have used the internal updater of the browser. Also, on occasion, updates are made that are specific only to the portable version, which will not be picked up by the internal updater.

Optional (advanced): If you are afraid it may still overwrite something you don't want it to, then the alternative is to download the standard Pale Moon ZIP file (not the portable one), and replace the files and folders in the Pale Moon folder in \bin\ with the ones from the ZIP file. You could simply overwrite, but it is recommended that you remove the old files first before you copy the new ones. The same note here as for using the internal updater: you will only update the browser, and not the portable shell.

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