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Pale Moon for Androidâ„¢

This version of Pale Moon is built for the Android operating system on mobile devices (phones, tablets).

System Requirements:
  • Android operating system, version 4.0 or higher (confirmed compatible with v6)
  • ARM processor v7 or later
  • Android-x86 (Intel mobile) is currently not supported.

Current version: 25.9.4

This is a small bugfix update to 25.9.3.
Information about this browser version:
  • Removed CSP child-src directive parsing for causing web compatibility issues and for it being removed from the standard.
  • String.prototype.match() and .replace() are now fully spec compliant.
  • Instated a hard minimum of 10,000 places entries regardless of free disk space and total memory to prevent undesired expiration of history. That is around 16MB for an average entry size, which should be sane enough even on low-memory machines.
  • Fixed a typo in networking code introduced in 25.9.2 that would cause issues on some sites due to adding extra forward slashes to the URL.
  • Fixed a number of memory safety hazards and potentially exploitable crashes.
  • Fixed CVE-2016-2821 Use-after-free in the mozilla::dom::Element class
  • Fixed netaddr deserialization for AF_UNSPEC and AF_LOCAL.
  • Fixed a memory overrun error in the VP8 encoder. DiD
  • Fixed non-threadsafe re-use of pixman images to prevent potential race conditions. DiD
  • Fixed CVE-2016-2825 Partial Same Origin Policy violation
Please do note that there are known issues on some mobiles and versions of Android that will prevent this browser from working properly or in a stable fashion in some situations.

The Android version does not currently have a developer/team assigned to it due to lack of resources in the Pale Moon team, and we can currently, at most, provide security updates without further development or bugfixes.

We do not have the resources or Android-specific expertise to keep pace with the rapid developments of the Android OS to provide a usable and suitable browser alternative on all common versions of that platform or the latest hardware. If you think you can help out by picking up development of the Android browser, then please get in touch with us!

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Pale Moon for Android-x86

Pale Moon for Android-x86 is currently in its experimental build stages and has not been officially published. If you wish to give it a try, then please check the Pale Moon link above and look for the relevant posts for Android-x86 on the forum. You may have to build from source, yourself, to get a more recent version.

Source code

Please see the Android branch on the Pale Moon repository here.

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