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Pale Moon profile migration tool

This tool will help you migrate a Mozilla Firefox profile to Pale Moon.
This tool may not work for everyone, since it has a few important limitations:
  1. This tool only works for the default profile locations for Firefox and Pale Moon.
  2. This tool does not work for portable versions of either browser.
  3. This tool may not work well on limited accounts on Windows Vista.
  4. This tool is not able to migrate passwords from later versions of Firefox to Pale Moon due to differences in password file format.
It was put together mainly for people who have standard installations and as a convenient aid for people who do not have enough knowledge of the Windows O.S. and filesystem to manually copy the profiles over, and who would like to move history, bookmarks and extensions across to their new browser. It is not meant to be very versatile or flexible at this moment, but "gets the job done" in most cases.

Current version: 1.7.0 (2015-08-24)
This version update fixes some issues with popular add-ons and updates to the latest version of the runtime.

Important: this tool is not aware of compatibility issues with Firefox extensions in general, and will copy over all installed extensions. After migration, you will have to examine your installed extensions and see which ones need to be updated, reverted to an earlier compatible version, removed or changed out for an alternative. Not all Firefox extensions are guaranteed to work in Pale Moon, and some may even prevent proper browser operation if they are incompatible but still installed!

Note: Please close both Firefox and Pale Moon before attempting to migrate your profiles. Not doing so may cause an incomplete transfer or give errors.

If this tool, for whatever reason, doesn't work for you, please check the FAQ section on the forum for instructions on how to manually copy over a profile.

This tool is supplied as COPYRIGHTED FREEWARE. Please see the Pale Moon Freeware License for details.
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