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Note: If you have downloaded the browser from a third party site, it is recommended you visit the product homepage before using this software - more details about Pale Moon that might be important to you are available there.

Note about browser extensions!

Even though we originally forked from Firefox many years ago, and a good number of these extensions might still work, please understand that many are not fully compatible with Pale Moon due to our individual development and should be updated to remain useful and functional. The best place to find updated Pale Moon compatible extensions is our own add-ons site!
Go to for all your maintained extension needs.

Be aware we only support what Mozilla has dubbed "legacy" extensions. We don't support the more limited "WebExtensions".

Customize your browser!

While you are here, you may be interested to learn about the growing number of complete themes to customize the way your browser looks. Please have a look at the options on the Pale Moon addons site:

If you are interested in keeping updated of new releases of the independent Pale Moon web browser, please register on the official Pale Moon forum and subscribe to "Announcements", or subscribe to the news feed of the announcements board.

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