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GN bug 20120512

The browser sets a hard cache limit of 1GB as a user preference, regardless of the browser default.

Reporters: Herman Strange

Affects the following:

Builds: All Next Gen builds.

Cause: Hard-coded setting of the cache limit to the theoretical ceiling if configured not to use automatic cache management.

This is caused by a UX decision to show the user the MAX cache size after unchecking Firefox's default setting for automatic cache management (Mozilla Bug 559942 comment 65).
This "display value" however is the actual value as stored in a user pref for cache limit and not just a display value.
When automatic cache management is not used (pref to false) in the default profile, upon first run, the disk cache value is set to 1GB, ignoring the defaults set in firefox.js and potential branding preferences.

Comment out
in netwerk\cache\nsCacheService.cpp under nsCacheProfilePrefObserver::PermittedToSmartSize

Source edit nsCacheService.cpp and recompile

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