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FP bug 20110305

A bug has been found in the implementation of JavaScript:Date().

Reporter: Sebastian Hütter

Affects the following:

Functions: Date manipulation, jQuery calendars, and similar. Possibly also other functions that use high precision numbers in complex calculations.
Builds: All regular builds. Athlon XP build unaffected.

Cause: Floating point inaccuracies in compiled code. MSVC specific. Should not occur as compile flags are already in place on Tracemonkey/nanoJIT to enforce accuracy/mitigate MSVC++ errors, but apparently higher functions still suffer from intermediate rounding when variables are passed on.

By default, the compiler uses the coprocessor's 80-bit registers to hold the intermediate results of floating-point calculations. This increases program speed and decreases program size. Because the calculation involves floating-point data types that are represented in memory by less than 80 bits, however, carrying the extra bits of precision (80 bits minus the number of bits in a smaller floating-point type) through a lengthy calculation can produce inconsistent results.
In addition, using fast FP for overlying functions may downcast intermediate computation results, causing subsequent errors: the compiler will typically attempt to maintain at least the precision specified by the source code. However, in some instances the compiler may choose to perform intermediate expressions at a lower precision than specified in the source code.

Apply proper rounding of large numbers when passing them from one function to the next. This can be done globally or per-function.

- 3.6.15 and later will be built with a global solution, to cut this bug short for any yet-unknown other functions also suffering from precision loss or rounding errors.
This may cause a small speed penalty as a tradeoff for accuracy, since intrinsics will be disabled for floating point functions, always doing a complete function call instead of passing the values directly to the FPU.
- Critical-path libraries will not be changed as they don't seem to be affected by this problem, to keep maximum efficiency.

Implementation alternative:
- 3.6.16/4.0.6 and later will be built with global fast floating point model enabled again like before, to maximize efficiency. To prevent this bug, correcting a makefile mistake for js by adding CXXFLAGS += -fp:precise in addition to the (already present) CFLAGS (js is mostly/all C++; flag wasn't picked up)

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