The Pale Moon Project - Custom-built and optimized Firefox-based browser for Windows Operating Systems
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Pale Moon Works in Progress

Important: these builds for testing purposes only and are at all times used at your own risk. They may be unstable and may crash, do unexpected things, erase your files or set your hair on fire. Do NOT expect release stability from these!

That being said, if a file is here for more than a few days, it's likely stable enough for daily use.

These files are mainly here for beta testing before release, or to test out new and/or changed functionality in the browser, as well as tryouts of other Mozilla packages or for other Operating Systems, or work-in-progress public milestone betas.

If you wish to give feedback to these works-in-progress, please use the forum (see below for links to dedicated threads).

Pale Moon v27 alpha 1

  • A first alpha version of the new milestone. This is marked alpha for a good reason -- there are some known snags but the core for rendering and layout should be functional. See the forum board for a post with known issues in this version.
  • This should fix web compatibility issues with many sites, since it implements many more parts of ECMAScript 6, implements MSE, implements better parsing and playing of fragmented media files, and many other things already stated on our roadmap or previously discussed on the forum.
  • Important: Please make a backup of your browsing profile before using this version. Even if nothing breaks (which is possible), this version makes some changes to the profile storage formats that are one-way conversions. Going back to v26 from a v27 profile will lose some data because it can't be converted back (e.g. per-site preferences).
To report bugs, provide feedback, etc. on this WIP, go to the forum in the dedicated board for this development stage: